The Best Alarm Clock for Hearing Impaired Seniors

hearing impaired seniors

Hearing loss or medicated sleep makes waking up difficult

For hearing impaired seniors or older adults who take sleep medications, getting up on time in the morning can be hit or miss. Not being able to hear their alarm clock could disrupt their daily routine or cause them to miss morning medications.


It’s annoying for caregivers and neighbors too

This could also give you or the neighbors a headache. People near your senior might have to endure a blaring alarm while they sleep peacefully through it.


Extra loud vibrating alarm clock

We found an alarm clock that solves this problem. It’s extra loud and has a bed shaker and flashing lights.

At the highest setting, the alarm sound is incredibly loud. The flashing lights cut through the darkness and help with waking. The bed shaking vibration is especially good for those who are very hard of hearing or deaf because there’s no need for noise in order to wake up!

To be considerate of other people in the house or nearby neighbors, use the vibration only mode to silently shake your senior awake. It might sound like a scary way to wake up, but it’s actually much less jarring than a loud alarm sound.


The Sonic Bomb alarm clock

The Sonic Bomb alarm clock by Sonic Boom costs $34 and has over 2,300 positive reviews on Amazon. And one of our own DailyCaring team members, a notoriously heavy sleeper, swears by this clock.


hearing impaired seniorsThe Sonic Bomb alarm clock

Alarm clock features:

  • 113db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone & volume control
  • Powerful 12 volt bed shaker shakes you awake (about the size of a large hockey puck)
  • Built-in pulsating alert lights
  • Large red LCD display
  • Dual alarms (so you can set it for 2 different times, if needed)
  • Plugs into electrical outlet and has battery backup in case of outages
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


DailyCaring Tip: Some people have had trouble with the clock showing an inaccurate time or burning out. This happens when the power cycle button isn’t set correctly. This clock is compatible with USA and European countries, so be sure to check the user manual to make sure the power settings are correct for your country.


Bottom line

If your senior struggles to wake up or if household members and neighbors just can’t take the noise anymore, give this Sonic Bomb alarm clock a try.


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
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