8 Great Gifts for Senior Men

Elderly men will love getting these fun and useful gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for a senior man?

It can be challenging to find a gift that an older man will enjoy and use.

To help you find a fantastic gift your older adult will love, we’ve rounded up 8 categories of gifts for senior men and included plenty of specific suggestions.

In this list, you’re sure to find a thoughtful, useful gift idea that that fits with their interests and improves everyday life.


8 great gifts for senior men

This couch caddy makes a wonderful gift for an elderly man

1. Everyday conveniences
Many older adults rely on reading glasses, but they can be easy to misplace. These handy glasses keepers make sure their glasses are always at hand.


Couch accessories keep necessities like a remote control, mobile or cordless phone, glasses, tissues, etc. within easy reach


$16 Universal Big Button TV Remote

  • With this easy-to-use remote control, there’s no need to fumble with small buttons or press the wrong one


Helpful accessories make walkers and rollators more functional and personalized


Elderly men will enjoy a gift of warm cozy slippers

2. Creature comforts
Soft, warm, non-slip slippers keep seniors comfortable and safe when lounging at home. These are specially designed to be easy to put on and for people with health conditions that affect their feet.


$40 Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow with Heat

  • A soothing, warm massage is a great way to ease aches and pains
  • Can be used anywhere on the body like the back or neck


$40 Sunbeam heated throw blanket

  • This reversible sherpa and mink heated blanket keeps seniors toasty warm and eases chronic aches and pains


Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to relieve distress and anxiety. They’re especially helpful for people with dementia and also great for anyone who has trouble sleeping, feels anxious, or would just enjoy feeling more relaxed.


Gift an elderly man with a fun jigsaw puzzle

3. Entertainment
Many senior men love to observe nature, whether it’s birds or the changing weather. And others will enjoy working on a fun jigsaw puzzle.

$25 Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

  • Suction cups easily attach this bird feeder to any window
  • Get a close up look at beautiful birds from the comfort of an armchair


$30 La Crosse Technology S84107 Color Forecast Station

  • Monitor the current temperature and forecast tomorrow’s weather with the easy-to-read display on this weather station


These fun puzzles are sure to capture your older adult’s attention


Give the gift of special memories to elderly men with custom photo items

4. Wonderful memories
Placing special photos on a custom mug make beverages more fun


Create a special photo book so your older adult can reminisce anytime. 


Or, create a custom calendar that shows smiling family faces.


Mobility aids like a cane make a wonderful gift for an elderly man

5. Mobility
For older adults who use mobility aids, a shiny new cane or walker is a wonderful and practical gift. We especially like the clever design of the Free2Go Rollator.

  • $17 NOVA Designer Walking Cane with Offset Handle – This cane comes in a variety of elegant colors and patterns
  • $37 Vive Quad Cane – This quad cane comes in 5 vibrant colors
  • $53 Drive Medical 4 wheel rollator walker – This rollator walker is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and has a handy seat and backrest for rest breaks
  • $210 Free2Go Rollator – This innovative rollator restores independence and dignity by discreetly combining the benefits of a rollator and raised toilet seat. It allows someone with reduced mobility to independently use any toilet with confidence.


Ensuring that senior men have access to reliable transportation is a wonderful gift

6. Transportation

GoGoGrandparent gift card

  • This is an on-demand ride service that’s perfect for seniors who don’t use smartphones. 
  • No mobile apps are needed and a live person is always available to help.


Lyft or Uber gift card

  • On-demand rides are a convenient way for older adults to get where they need to go. 
  • Some senior organizations even offer concierge services that help seniors book rides.


Technology gifts that senior men will actually want to use

7. Daily luxuries

$42 Luxe Bidet Neo 120

  • With a bidet, your older adult won’t have to bend and twist to wipe after using the toilet. It’s hygienic and gentle on their delicate skin.


$250 SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat with Heated Seat, Warm Air Dryer, and Temperature Controlled Wash

  • This bidet and heated seat gives a truly luxurious and comfortable toileting experience


Technology gifts that senior men will actually want to use

8. Technology they’ll actually want to use
A digital photo frame is another great way for older adults to easily view family photos. 


A hands-free home assistant


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