8 Sources of Low Cost Internet for Seniors

low cost internet for seniors

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have made updates to their low-cost internet service programs to help people stay connected to the internet during this challenging time. Check with providers to find out more.

Low cost internet services help seniors stay connected

The internet is a valuable tool for seniors. It helps them stay connected with family, friends, and community services.

This helps prevent social isolation, which can seriously worsen health.

An internet connection is also needed to use helpful services like Amazon Echo, free caption phones, free videos (like exercises to reduce fall risk), on-demand music, streaming movies, and more.

Having internet at home also allows the use of safety services, like fall monitoring, automated temperature control, home security, and more.

But monthly access fees can get expensive.

Fortunately, some internet service providers are helping seniors get online with low-cost services, typically with no monthly contracts and free or low cost equipment.

We rounded up 8 sources of low cost internet for seniors. Availability depends on location and financial situation, but these programs are well worth checking into.




8 sources of low cost internet for seniors

1. Comcast
As part of the Comcast Internet Essentials pilot program, eligible seniors can get home internet service for $10/month, home wi-fi, a free computer, and internet training classes.

The program is currently offered in about a dozen locations across the country. Find out more and apply online


2. AT&T
Access from AT&T offers low cost home internet service to qualifying households. It costs between $5 and $10/month, depending on the speed of service in the area.

To qualify, at least one person must participate in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or live in California and get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Find out more and apply online


3. EveryoneOn
EveryoneOn is an organization that works with a variety of internet service providers to offer low cost plans. Monthly costs range from $10 – $25/month and there are no contracts to sign. See offers and find out how to qualify


4. Spectrum
In some areas, Spectrum Internet Assist offers low cost internet for seniors receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. See if it’s available in your area


5. FreedomPop
FreedomPop offers free and low cost wireless internet access to households in selected zip codes. See if it’s available in your area


6. FCC’s Lifeline program
Lifeline is a federal program that lowers the monthly cost of phone or internet services. Eligible customers will get at least $9.25 toward their bill.

Participants in Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, Veterans benefits, and other federal, state, and tribal assistance programs will be eligible. Find out more and find a local service provider


7. Google Fiber
In some neighborhoods, Google Fiber offers high-speed plans for $15/per month. Check for availability and find out more


8. Internet First from Wave
The Internet First program offers up to 25 Mbps internet service to qualifying low-income households in RCN, Grande and Wave serviceable areas. Check for availability and find out more


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By DailyCaring Editorial Team
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  • Reply October 23, 2019

    Lina Alford

    I live in a rural area with one internet provider. They have gone up in price and another hike is coming.

    • Reply October 23, 2019


      So sorry to hear about this 🙁 In case it’s helpful, you may want to check to see if you’re eligible for other benefits programs that could help with expenses — Find Financial Help for Seniors: 2,500+ Federal, State, and Private Benefits Programs https://dailycaring.com/find-financial-help-for-seniors-federal-state-and-private-benefits-programs/

    • Reply January 20, 2020

      Carol A Phillips

      Do you service 890 Hwy 42 Jackson,Ga?we just need internet service and are seniors?

      • Reply January 21, 2020


        Each internet company provides different services in different locations and will likely have different program qualifications. It will be best to call internet providers in your area to find out what programs are available.

        (DailyCaring is an informational website and email newsletter and doesn’t provide any internet services)

  • Reply May 1, 2019

    Barbara Frank

    Is there an Internet service out there that can help senior citizens that are not on Welfare, SNAP, or Medicaid. We are on fixed incomes and need help too. SS only goes so far. We have mortgages or rent to pay, utilities, other bills to pay and not much left over for food. We like to be connected like everybody else. It seems people on Medicaid, SNAP, etc. get all the help they need, but senior citizens don’t. I don’t qualify for food stamps because I am above the poverty line (gross income). My net income for the year after all expenses on my income tax is a little above $8K. Now, why do they go by gross and not net income? Just venting. Sorry, but true.

    • Reply July 28, 2019


      I’m so sorry that these programs haven’t been helpful to you. It’s possible that you’d qualify for other types of benefits programs. There are many that are available from federal, state, county, and nonprofit organizations.

      NCOA has created an online tool that helps you find out if you can qualify for any of the 2,000+ programs. Get more info here — Benefits Programs Help Pay for Caregiving Expenses https://dailycaring.com/financial-help-caregiving-expenses/

  • Reply January 30, 2019

    David Proske

    Internet should be available to all US citizens. Make the companies profiting from the internet pay the way. Hope I can submit this, I have no email address. My current access is through my $90 a month wireless cell service.

  • Reply January 4, 2019

    Karen Mutschler

    I live in senior low income HUD Section 8 housing and just received internet essentials for $9.99 monthly. I also have SS Disability with Snap benefits, Medicare & Medicaid and the program is great for me. I also transferred after installation of 2 months prior without issues. I had to call them several times to set the the new installation set up but they did not charge me and I did not have to wait 90 days. I just love it! Thank You Comcast ☺It may work out better to call them as I did. The application did not work for me but their representatives are very helpful and will get you connected!

    • Reply January 4, 2019


      Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m so glad this worked out so well.

      • Reply August 11, 2019



        • Reply August 12, 2019


          Each internet company provides different services in different locations and will likely have different program qualifications. It will be best to call internet providers in your area to find out what programs are available.

  • Reply December 9, 2018

    Carol Lanier

    I have submitted my information 4 times to Century link for help because I am 82 and on medicare, medicaid and snap. They have returned it each time saying I have not submitted the information they need to approve my application. I have sent a copy of my drivers license , award letter for medicaid and SNAP , and a copy of my current award letter from Social Security. Also Copies of my SNAP card , Medicaid Card , and drivers license. Also a 6 to 8 page of forms to fill out, to initial and date and for some reason I still don’t seem to give them what they require to approve my application. That has been four months .

    • Reply December 14, 2018


      I’m sorry that Century Link hasn’t been helpful. If you haven’t already, perhaps you could call and speak with a representative to find out more about what’s missing from your application or why you might not be eligible for the program.

      Or, you may want to contact your local Area Agency on Aging to see if there are other local organizations or programs that could provide help with Internet access. More info on where to find them here — https://dailycaring.com/local-community-resources-for-seniors-and-caregivers-area-agency-on-aging/

      • Reply July 16, 2019


        centurylink sucks they keep raising the bill limiting the speed and rejecting my application because they are run by morons.

  • Reply November 21, 2018


    FLA is right, your title is misleading, if you are not on some kind of assistance program like SNAP none of these programs will do anything for you. These programs are not for seniors.

    • Reply December 2, 2018


      Some of these programs are specifically for seniors and others are for all low income individuals. The programs generally have income requirements and some, but not all, require enrollment in SNAP.

    • Reply December 5, 2018

      Judith Becker

      Optimum has a Senior Program and then you find out OH SORRY you need SSI
      not SNAP, MEDICARE, MEDICAID….844-358-3147. Instead of trying to help Seniors they are too cheap.

      DISGUSTED oh and then I could pay 29.99..I told them they need to rewrite their ad.

      • Reply December 6, 2018


        I’m so sorry you had a poor experience with that internet provider 🙁 I hope another company in the area will be able to offer programs that better suit your circumstances.

      • Reply February 12, 2019


        They always try to deny you with all kinds reasons.
        I do have SSI, Medicare, Medicare savings program. Snap….. They said my qualification was expired with no details explained.
        I have suffered Hurricane Harvey, lord knows when I can recover. My internet was $30, and for whatever reasons the service raised to $49 each month. I cant afford it. I need to eat!!!
        Everyone wants something from anyone. This is how the humanity works now.

        • Reply February 13, 2019


          I’m so sorry you had a poor experience with your internet provider 🙁 You might consider calling back to speak with another representative who might be able to explain why you don’t qualify right now and how you could qualify again in the future (or ask to speak with a supervisor).

  • Reply October 5, 2018

    R. Raimondi

    Comcast says i need to pay a penalty for disconnect and be gone for 90 days to be eligible. what is wrong with this picture? everything.

    • Reply October 7, 2018


      I’m so sorry that happened 🙁

    • Reply June 18, 2019


      Internet essentials program with comcast is non. comcast customers within last 90 days and can’t owe a bill less than a year old to qualify.

      • Reply June 18, 2019


        Thanks for sharing the information you received. It’s a helpful reference point, but it’s important to remember that internet providers change their program offerings constantly and offer different services in different geographical areas.

        If anyone is interested in a low-cost internet access progam, it’s always worthwhile to call to find out the latest information about program eligibility and details.

  • Reply September 24, 2018


    I have the same question as the person from ‘Fla’, I’m not on Welfare or am a Food Stamp recipient as I ‘make too much money’! However, I only live on my Social Security and it’s very hard to pay all that has to be paid. No raise and if we get a raise, Medicare takes it. I would love to find the person that coined the fraze ‘Life begins at 50’!! He/she must have died 1 second after turning 50!
    You do not help Seniors living in a subsidized low income Senior housing units? Something isn’t right.

    • Reply September 24, 2018


      DailyCaring is an email newsletter and website that provides helpful information that helps families who are caring for older adults. We don’t provide any services or benefits.

      I’m sorry you haven’t been able to find help with internet service costs. Each program has different requirements, so it will be up to each Internet service company to determine the eligibility for their low cost internet service. Since we aren’t affiliated with any of these companies, we don’t have those specific details. It may be worth a try to contact the programs available in your area to find out more in case anything has changed since they put the information on their websites.

      You may also want to check to see if you’re eligible for other benefits programs to help with expenses. There’s a handy tool that helps you check, more info here: https://dailycaring.com/financial-help-caregiving-expenses/

  • Reply September 10, 2018


    Really for seniors ? There is nothing about income only if you have food stamps or welfare? What about those who do not have that. Comcastanother joke you are not eligible if you have service recently. No one cares about those who need it for income eligibility?? This article is useless.

    • Reply September 10, 2018


      I’m sorry you haven’t been able to find the internet service you’re looking for. Each program has different requirements, so it will be up to each company to determine the eligibility for low cost internet service. Since we aren’t affiliated with any of these companies, we don’t have those specific details. It may be worth a try to contact the programs available in your area to find out more.

  • Reply August 20, 2018

    Rebecca Blankenship

    Answer me this>Everybody/thing ‘quotes’ apply online. How is/are we supposed to do that (apply on line) without the resources to do so?

    • Reply August 22, 2018


      If you’re able to access the Internet from a free source like the local library or senior center, you should be able to apply online from there. Or, you could call these companies on the telephone — these companies often enroll customers for services through phone conversations.

    • Reply February 8, 2020


      Exactly!!! You answered my question……..

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