Benefits Programs Help Pay for Caregiving Expenses

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Government benefits programs pay for caregiving expenses

Caregiving is expensive! Get financial help from over 2,000 available federal, state, and private benefits programs.

A free service called BenefitsCheckup helps you quickly find the programs that could pay for prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other basic needs for your older adult.


Legitimate service from the National Council on Aging

BenefitsCheckUp is a legitimate service from the National Council on Aging (NCOA), a nonprofit service and advocacy organization. The NCOA has a 60+ year track record of building public awareness, influencing federal legislation, and creating national programs to make life better for older adults.



Our experience using BenefitsCheckUp

Using BenefitsCheckUp saves a lot of time. You only need to fill out one form to search all available programs.

To find out if your older adult qualifies for benefits programs, just answer basic questions like age, zip code, marital status and some detailed ones like income, expenses, and medications.

One of our editors answered the questions on behalf of their older adult and discovered many benefits programs that they didn’t know existed.


Easy to apply for recommended benefits programs

BenefitsCheckUp recommended 23 benefits programs for our editor’s older adult. Some programs seem to be based on the senior’s income and assets. Others seem to be available for people on Medicare.

From the report showing the programs your older adult could qualify for, you can apply online directly from an “Apply Now” button or click the link to get more information.


Spend 20 minutes, get money

The online application is simple, but might take some time to complete. There are 34 questions and could take 15 – 20 minutes. You can skip questions if needed, but providing more answers will give better results.

DailyCaring tip: The “you” in the questions refers to your older adult (for example, your Mom or husband) and not “you,” the caregiver.


Search all programs or focus on certain expenses

You can choose to search all available benefits programs or focus on getting help with specific expenses like medicine or food.

caregiving expensesClick this orange button to search all benefits programs

caregiving expensesSearch programs that help with specific expenses


Bottom line

No matter what your older adult’s financial situation, it won’t hurt to check for potential benefits. Answering 34 questions takes time and energy, but this tool makes it efficient because it connects with 2,000+ programs using only one form. Saving money on caregiving expenses is well worth the effort!


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By DailyCaring Editorial Team
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