10 Simple Arthritis Aids Help Seniors with Everyday Tasks

arthritis aids

Arthritis can make everyday tasks impossible

Did you know that almost half of adults 65 years old or older have arthritis?

Arthritis pain and stiffness can make normal activities like buttoning a shirt, writing a note, turning on the light, or eating a meal very difficult or impossible.

For an otherwise healthy older adult, these limitations can be extremely frustrating.

To make activities of daily living easier for seniors, we found 10 useful, inexpensive arthritis products.

Plus, being able to accomplish tasks independently boosts self-esteem and improves mood.


10 simple arthritis aids help seniors stay independent

arthritis aids
1. $8 Zipper pull and button hook
Button shirts and close zippers independently with an easy-grip tool.


arthritis aids
2. $10 Sock aid
This simple aid helps seniors put on their socks without needing to bend over.


arthritis aids
3. $12 Lamp switch turner
Arthritis makes it difficult to use standard lamp switches. This product enlarges the switch and makes it easy to turn lights on and off.


arthritis aids
4. $12 Foam tubing
This foam tubing can be used to make almost any type of utensil or tool easier to grip. Amazon reviewers have said that it’s helped with eating utensils, toothbrushes, hair brushes, pens, pencils, tools, etc.


arthritis aids
5. $9 Writing grips
These egg-shaped grips slip on to pencils and pens to make writing easier and more comfortable.


arthritis aids
6. $15 Universal knob turner
This helpful tool can be used to grip and turn many different types of small knobs like on stovetops, microwaves, dishwasher, or washing machine.


arthritis aids
7. $18 Electric Jar Opener
Don’t let hard to open jars stop your older adult from preparing their own meals. This handy automatic jar opener takes the work out of opening most jars. Since it sits on top, the jar can be any height.


arthritis aids
8. $142 Black & Decker automatic jar opener
This jar opener is expensive, but Amazon reviewers love it. With this one, the shape of the jar doesn’t matter. With the opener in #7 above, the jar needs to be cylindrical so the opener can grip on.


arthritis aids
9. $12 Key holder
Make those small, slippery keys easy to grasp with this key holder. The extra length also gives more leverage to make it easier to turn the key in the lock.


arthritis aids
10. $9 EZ Doorknob grips
These door grips magically transform slippery, hard-to-turn knobs into something you can easily grip or even open with just a finger or elbow.


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