Coronavirus Easter: 7 Safe and Festive Ways to Celebrate

Date published: 2022-3-21

Easter-themed activities for all ages

Easter is a fun holiday for everyone and a perfect opportunity to bring cheer and distract us from the ongoing pandemic.

Whether or not you participate in the religious aspect, the Easter holiday is bright and joyful and is a great time to (virtually) get together with family and friends.

To help you enjoy the holiday while reducing exposure to Covid-19, we rounded up 7 festive ways to celebrate.

These ideas are senior-friendly, suitable for any age, and fun to do in groups or one-on-one.

We’ve also included plenty of suggestions to help you use supplies that you’re likely to have on hand to minimize the need to shop.


7 ways to celebrate Easter while staying safe from coronavirus

1. Decorate the house
Creating simple Easter-themed decorations is a fun activity and placing them all around the house will instantly brighten the mood.

Try these festive DIY Easter decor ideas:

  • Dye eggs for an easter egg hunt or for a table display for an Easter-themed meal – here are simple dyeing instructions using food coloring and this video explains how to use staple food items to create dye for eggs (at 1 min 15 sec in video).
  • Hang these 3-D Easter egg ornaments – make these fun ornaments with colored paper (or color in the eggs after printing on plain paper) and ribbon (or string scraps).
  • Display this festive table centerpiece – all you need is an egg carton and some paint or colored markers.
  • Hang this Bunny Easter garland – don’t worry if you don’t have pom-poms, the bunny shapes are festive enough on their own! And feel free to color in your bunnies if you don’t have colored paper.
  • Make these happy sock bunnies – use colored paper to make the face and belly since you’re more likely to have that on hand.


2. Make creative Easter baskets (for future gifting)
If you typically enjoy creating Easter baskets to give as gifts, you can creatively use household items to make great ones this year!

You don’t even have to make the basket yourself, just look around for an empty box and cover it with colored paper to make a festive container.

Once you have a basket or container, fill it with some DIY “grass” (cut plain or colored paper into thin strips) and some candy or decorations from the ideas shared above.

These great tutorials cleverly use materials you’ll already have at home:

Since you might not be seeing the basket recipient for a little while, take a photo and send it to them or show it to them over a video call. It’s a virtual gift that will have a physical follow up in the future!


3. Send Easter cards to family and friends
It’s always fun to get cards or letters in the mail. 

So why not make simple Easter cards to send to friends and family? 

You could make them by hand or print some out. They don’t have to be fancy, it’s the thought that matters most.

Some templates you might like:


4. Have a virtual family gathering on Easter Sunday
Holidays are a great reason to get together with family and friends.

This year, move your celebrations online and have a virtual gathering instead.

For free one-on-one video calls:

For free group video calls:

If video doesn’t work for everyone, set up a free conference call line so everyone can dial in and hear each other.

Here are a few free services:


5. Play Easter games
Games are fun and festive, whether you have 2 or 20 people. 

You could even play these over video or audio group calls – just email the printables and instructions ahead of time.

Easter Picture Bingo

Easter Number Bingo

Indoor Easter egg hunt

  • If there are kids (or adults!) who’d be interested, create an indoor Easter egg hunt by having one person hide eggs in a room and then letting everyone search for them.
  • The prize for the most eggs could be one of the Easter baskets you made!
  • Tip: Remember how many eggs were hidden so you can make sure they’re all found.


6. Participate virtually in Easter church services
To reduce coronavirus exposure, many faith organizations offer services online.

If going to church services is part of your Easter tradition, find out if your church will be having services online.

Or to find a church offering online services, enter a search phrase like “easter service online” or something similar into your search engine to find a service that appeals to you.


7. Have a virtual Easter Parade
Ask family and friends to dress up in their Easter outfits (or bunny costumes!) and take photos. 

Then, send the photos via email or text message to share the fun with each other.


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