Holiday Preparation Tips: Get Seniors Involved!

holiday preparation tips seniors

Get help with holiday chores

Let’s face it, the holidays can be crazy busy. You have your regular life and caregiving duties, which are already too much, but you also want to get festive for the holiday. That adds up to a huge amount of work!

Planning ahead and finding ways for your older adult to help with the preparations helps you cross more items off your to-do list and decrease stress. Plus, your loved one will enjoy helping make the festivities happen!

Here are some ideas for holiday prep activities you can do with your older adult.


Multi-task during outings

For older adults who are mobile, combine holiday errands with lunch and you’ve got a nice weekend activity. For those who can’t get around easily, home activities will work better for both of you.

Be mentally prepared. Taking seniors with you on errands will be slower than if you went on your own. However, you will save time by taking your older adult out and getting a few holiday tasks done at the same time. Otherwise, you’d have to do those things separately!

To reduce stress and save time, make separate shopping lists. One for senior-friendly locations and tasks and another for inconvenient places or complex tasks that you should tackle on your own.

A few multi-task locations:

  • Indoor malls – shop for presents before lunchtime to avoid the afternoon crowds
  • Grocery stores – get holiday meal ingredients
  • Craft stores – great for festive holiday decor
  • Toy store – help choose gifts for grandkids


Home activities

Older adults can help with a variety of holiday activities. Even if they can’t handle the whole task, look for parts of each project they can work on. They may not do as good a job or work as quickly as you would, but it’s more important that you get help with holiday tasks and that your senior feels proud of their contribution.

Some ideas:

  • Wrapping gifts
  • Writing, addressing, or closing envelopes for holiday cards
  • Giving opinions or ideas to help you shop online for gifts
  • Decorating oranges with cloves to make pomanders (like this)
  • Baking and frosting cookies, brownies, or cake
  • Polishing silverware
  • Setting the table
  • Decorating stockings (like this kit)
  • Stringing garlands from popcorn or cranberries (use this trick)


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  • Reply December 5, 2014

    Mike Good

    With isolation being one of the biggest risks for failing health, engaging older adults with holiday activities is a great idea. In fact, if presented properly, this friendship is better than any physical gift. Also, don’t forget they may need help also but be embarrassed to ask so this can be a win win for all. Happy holidays.

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