5 Best Alzheimer’s Holiday Tips for an Enjoyable Season

Alzheimer's holiday tips

Help seniors with Alzheimer’s enjoy the holidays

Many older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia still want to be included in holiday festivities. But this time of year can bring changes in daily routine, confusing conversations with extended family, and overstimulating annual traditions – which may not mix well with dementia.

We’ve chosen our 5 best articles to help you modify holiday traditions and set expectations so seniors with Alzheimer’s can enjoy the season too.

Find out how to make holiday activities dementia-friendly, help visitors know what to say and do, keep seniors feeling calm and safe, and more.



5 articles with top Alzheimer’s holiday tips for caregivers

1) Do’s and Don’ts for Visiting Someone with Alzheimer’s
Seniors with dementia may enjoy holiday visitors as long as the visit isn’t overwhelming. Make these visits successful and positive by helping family and friends know what to say and do.

When people are prepared with useful information and the right expectations, you’ll all come out of the visit with good feelings and nice memories.
Set people up for a successful visit with these helpful tips


2) 4 Ways to Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s Enjoy the Holidays
Holidays bring a flurry of activity – changes in daily routine, conversations with extended family, and participation in annual traditions. For seniors with dementia, the stress can trigger challenging behavior.

Get tips on reducing stress, modifying family traditions, and helping older adults feel included. We also explain why decorations need to be chosen with care.
Get 4 ways to help seniors with dementia enjoy the holiday season


3) 6 Ways to Adapt Holiday Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s
Even though your older adult has dementia, you still want them to feel included in the holiday festivities. But you don’t want them to get overstimulated or agitated.

Whether you’re hosting the get-together or taking your older adult to a relative’s house, these 6 tips will help you modify holiday activities so your senior can still participate.

Find out how changes like keeping groups small, paying attention to timing, and focusing on meaningful traditions can make a big difference.
Get 6 ways to help seniors with dementia enjoy holiday traditions


4) 20 Joyful Holiday Activities for Seniors
Simply being included in the festivities brings joy and helps seniors with dementia enjoy the season.

Many of these 20 fun holiday activities are dementia-friendly – choose the ones you think they can handle. To prevent older adults from becoming overtired or overstimulated, it’s important to pace activities and take frequent breaks.
Get 20 senior-friendly holiday activity suggestions


5) How to Prepare Family Before Their Holiday Visit with Seniors
Because Alzheimer’s and dementia are progressive conditions, seniors get worse over time. To avoid shocking family or friends during holiday visits, it’s a good idea to share your older adult’s current condition before they come over.

Being surprised could make family members irrationally angry, ignore your older adult, or insist on making unwise changes to their life.

Give people time to absorb the info by sending an email ahead of time – we’ve even got a sample letter you can use.
Why it helps to warn family of your senior’s condition before their visit


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