8 Forms of Dementia You Might Not Know About

Dementia is a global problem

Did you know that 47.5 million people across the world are living with dementia?

It’s a global epidemic that costs 604 billion US dollars each year.


There are 9 major types of dementia

Did you also know that there are 8 major types of dementia in addition to Alzheimer’s disease?

Even though Alzheimer’s causes 60 – 80% of all dementia cases, it’s not the only form.

These 8 other forms of dementia can cause different symptoms and can also be more difficult to diagnose.


Find out about these 8 additional types of dementia

Be Independent Home Care created an easy-to-read infographic that gives key information about the 8 additional forms of dementia that you might not have heard about.

It’s useful because each type of dementia is briefly and clearly explained. Find out about the causes, symptoms, who’s most at risk, and how common it is.

forms of dementia


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By DailyCaring Editorial Team
Infographic by Be Independent Home Care


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  • Reply October 21, 2019

    Michelle De Villiers

    Hello went into this website to read up on dementia. My dad is 76yrs old and the past few years I have noticed a change in him. He can’t remember what you have told him a minute ago. See people in our yard or house. He goes completely blank on what to do with his catheter in his bladder. I have to check it and then tell him to change clothes. It is really heart breaking and he was such an active person always doing something . Hope I am strong enough to help him. Really appreciate all the tips.

  • Reply July 6, 2018

    Patricia najhawan Najhawan

    Thank you. I wonder how one decides if its a tia, or something else.
    , i was in a car accident wherr i driving andwas hit on drivers side by 2. Kids who were drunk and on drugs. They hit my car at about 72 miles per hour. I was very badly hurt and unconscious
    This was 4 years ago.
    I have severe dizzy spells now, and fall sideways.
    I had also sustained a lump on the trapezious muscle left side. It is moving up the back of my neck…and hurts alot, as well as gives me dizzy spells.
    Am i having tias from these events ?

    • Reply July 10, 2018


      I’m so sorry that happened and that you’re having symptoms. It sounds like you must see a doctor ASAP. These are serious symptoms and you need immediate medical attention in order to find out the cause and get the proper treatment.

  • Reply April 28, 2018

    Theresa Sexton

    I find all of your articles informative. I would like a paper copy of these articles. Ive saved them to my email but I would like to get them all in one booklet. How could I get that?

    • Reply April 28, 2018


      We’re so glad our articles are helpful! You can print out a paper copy of any article by scrolling down to the end of the content and looking for the “Print this page” icon and text.

  • Reply July 17, 2017


    How can I get copy of 11 ways to get someone with dementia to take medication

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