3 Easy Balance Exercises Prevent Falls in Seniors

Balance exercises help seniors gain the strength and flexibility needed to stay balanced and prevent falls

Prevent falls with simple home exercises

As people age, they typically lose balance, strength, and flexibility. This increases their risk of falling

That’s why it’s important for older adults to regularly do exercises that focus on improving these functional areas.

We found 3 helpful videos from Eldergym with simple at-home balance exercises that help seniors reduce their risk of falling.




Prevent accidents while exercising

The most important thing is that your older adult doesn’t fall or hurt themselves while exercising. 

For safety, they should stand next to a stable chair or kitchen counter, as mentioned in the videos.

And the first time they try a new exercise, it’s a good idea for someone to stand close by or hold on to them until you’re sure they can do it safely on their own. 

For seniors who are less steady on their feet, a gait belt could help you safely steady them.


3 at-home balance exercises to prevent senior falls

These 3 balance exercises from Eldergym reduce senior fall risk by increasing the ability to stay balanced while walking or doing everyday activities. 

They’re all simple and can easily be done at home – a few minutes of exercise each day can make a big difference.

1. Single leg stand (2 minutes)


2. Raise arm and leg together (2 minutes)


3. Heel to toe walk (2 minutes)


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