The Smartest Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

gift ideas for seniors

Smart list of holiday gift ideas for seniors

We’ve got dozens of fantastics gift ideas for older adults! These are great presents for all types of people at all levels of ability with prices starting at just $5.


7 practical tools for everyday life

1. $5 Walker ski glides

  • Make it easier to use a walker, no more catching those back legs on the carpet.

2. $15 Cup holder for rollator or wheelchair

  • Hydration is important! Keep a cup or water bottle handy at all times.

3. $19 Walker caddy / tote bag

  • Great for bringing cups, telephone, and other essentials from room to room.

4. $30 Automatic can opener

  • No more struggles with manual can openers!

5. $40 Automatic Jar Opener

  • No more struggles to open jars!

6. $57 4 wheel rollator walker with seat and back support

  • This is even better than a walker when out and about! Comes with a storage basket, is easier to maneuver, and has a handy seat for rest breaks.

7. More GPS location trackers

  • Prices vary
  • Shoe options could be presented as regular shoes or comfort insoles.


4 special keepsakes

1. From $25 Custom photo calendar

  • Keep track of days and months while seeing smiling family faces.

2. Custom photo blankets

  • Shutterfly – $70
  • Walmart – from $36
  • Stay warm and cozy with familiar faces all around.
  • Especially nice for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

3. Custom photo puzzles

  • Portrait Puzzles – from $35, comes in variety of sizes & number of pieces
  • Shutterfly – $30, variety of photo layouts
  • Walmart – from $10, comes with custom gift box
  • Have fun with puzzles of beloved family photos!

4. From $16 Custom photo album or photo storybook

  • A beautiful way to showcase special memories.
  • For those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, use photos from a family event and add some simple text to tell a story about the family.


3 wonderful experiences

1. SilverRide

  • Cost varies based on activity – regular transportation, special outings, monthly social events
  • This is a great service that offers transportation with the added bonus of a companion who accompanies the older adult. If you live far away, you could gift a special outing to a favorite museum, library, park, or anywhere! A SilverRide companion will take them there and make sure they have a great time.

2. Gift certificates for favorite restaurants

  • Amount of gift certificate is up to you
  • If you’re in the area, an even better gift is to set a date where you’ll go out for a special meal together.

3. Gift certificates for pampering services like hair styling, manicure, or pedicure

  • Amount of gift certificate is up to you
  • If you’re in the area, an even better gift is to set a date where you’ll have a special meal together.


2 musical ideas

1. Our top music picks for every age group from 65 to 90+

  • Add to a music lover’s song collection or bring old favorites back into your senior’s life.

2. $90 Music player – CD, cassette tape, and AM/FM radio

  • A great way to include music or news in your older adult’s day.
  • Plays cassette tapes!
  • Tip: To simplify the controls, put colored stickers on key buttons


1 big ticket item

$2,200 Electric wheelchair / personal mobility aid

  • For limited-mobility seniors who are still active, this electric-powered wheelchair is a luxurious gift!
  • Medicare doesn’t cover this, but some private insurance companies may cover some of the cost.


Even more gift ideas

If none of these gifts are quite right for your senior, check out Gift Ideas for Seniors: GrandBox and Gramsly for lovely gift box subscriptions. If you’re worried about adding to the clutter, see Gifts for Seniors: Food & Photos for delicious and memorable gifts that won’t take up any room.


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