8 Arthritis Dressing Tips Make Life Easier for Seniors

Arthritis makes it harder to get dressed

Getting dressed and undressed is an everyday activity that’s often challenging for seniors with arthritis or limited mobility.

But this shouldn’t be the reason for your older adult to lose independence.

Fortunately, there are simple tricks and clothing options that make dressing significantly easier.

We share a printable tip sheet from Alium Adaptive Apparel that has 8 practical arthritis dressing tips.

This advice helps you find clothing that’s easier to get on and off, learn how simple dressing aids and DIY add-ons can help, and more.


8 tips make dressing easier for seniors with arthritis or limited mobility

arthritis dressing tips


Next Step  Print or save these 8 arthritis dressing tips from Alium Adaptive Apparel (PDF)


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By DailyCaring Editorial Team
Infographic: Alium Adaptive Apparel


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