Gift Ideas for Seniors: GrandBox and Gramsly

gift ideas for seniors

What to buy for seniors

It can be challenging to think of gifts that older adults will enjoy. Here are two companies that offer custom gift boxes for seniors. They take the work out of giving thoughtful, beautifully-packaged gifts.


Who would use these services?

Some of the people who would like these gift services are those who:

  • Have no time for shopping.
  • Want to give a gift subscription so their senior will get gifts throughout the year.
  • Struggle to find gifts seniors will enjoy.
  • Dislike the thinking, shopping, wrapping, and sending involved in gift giving.
  • Aren’t closely involved with their older adult, but still want to give a thoughtful gift.



grandbox gift ideas for seniors

After learning about your senior, GrandBox selects great gifts, healthy products, and things that will make them happy. These are packaged into a box that’s sent to your older adult. You can also send pictures and letters anytime and they’ll be included in the box. Buy one box or a monthly subscription.


  • One box = $33
  • 3 months = $94.50
  • 6 months = $180

See more sample GrandBox gift boxes (click here, then scroll)



gramsly gift ideas for seniors

Tell Gramsly about your older adult’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, food preferences or allergies, medical conditions, etc. They’ll do the research to find great gifts and put together a custom box.


  • One time = $36
  • Quarterly subscription = $34 every 3 months
  • Monthly subscription = $32/month

See more sample Gramsly gift boxes (click here, then scroll)


Bottom line

These services are great for people who love the idea of personalized gift boxes, can’t think of good gift ideas for seniors, or are crunched for time. If you already have a great gift in mind, share this article with family and friends to give them another option to consider!


By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: Easy Living


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    Joe Yeoman

    Thank you so much for including us!

    A few more quick things about GrandBox:

    1. You can include notes and photos in our care packages! Just send them to us and we will print them for you!!!! It’s a great personal touch.

    2. Each month is a different theme. So this will be Christmas and Holiday, etc.

    3. If you join our newsletter, you get 15% off your first purchase.

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