Beautiful Coloring Books for Seniors

coloring books for seniors

Coloring prevents boredom and has health benefits

Boredom in older adults can cause problems, including difficult behavior and depression. And, seniors who have moved in with relatives or into assisted living are more likely to be bored because their lives have changed so much.

Coloring may sound like a simple activity to ward off boredom, but it can actually improve health. A research study found that adults 65 or older who engaged in creative activities had better overall health, made fewer visits to the doctor, used less medication, and had fewer health problems. Wow!

It’s also an excellent mood booster and de-stresser – making it a perfect activity for caregivers too!


Create beautiful art – no skills needed!

A great activity for seniors is to explore their artistic side. These fine art coloring books are lots of fun, even for people who don’t enjoy painting or free-hand drawing. They’ll get the joy of creating a beautiful work of art with no artistic skills required!


Beautiful coloring books for seniors

We found some inexpensive, non-childish coloring books seniors will love. The pictures are realistic and lovely and the subjects will interest many older adults.

Colored pencils, crayons, or watercolor paint can be used on the high-quality paper. The pages are perforated so they’re easy to remove for display. The lines are gray, so they’ll basically disappear after the pictures are colored in, making it look even better!

Your senior will be proud to display their finished artwork.


Attractive coloring book options

Here are some of the coloring books we especially like:


Bottom line

At around $5 each, these gorgeous coloring books are definitely worth a try. They could bring your older adult hours of relaxing fun!


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  • Reply November 25, 2016


    The reviews of this coloring books make me think they are not easy to color and therefore difficult for seniors or other people with other neurology problems.

    • Reply November 25, 2016


      You’re correct, these are more complex coloring books that may frustrate people who have cognitive impairments. Some may like them, you’d have to give it a try to know for sure. But for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, I’d also recommend this coloring book called Connecting Memories —

  • Reply October 18, 2015


    please send me info as I am doing recreation for seniors at a seniors home right now..looking for activities and puzzles

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