VIDEO: Incontinence – Tips for Changing an Adult Diaper


Insider tips for changing an adult diaper

Though it sounds overwhelming, changing a diaper for an older adult with incontinence doesn’t have to be scary. This real-life video teaches you how to change a soiled diaper and is full of expert tips from an experienced caregiver.

The caregiver in the video is relaxed, considerate, and very clean. Her positive attitude and smart techniques keep her older adult calm and comfortable. After you try these tips, cleaning up will be a breeze!

WARNING: The video contains a bit of respectful nudity and a brief glimpse of a lightly soiled disposable wipe. Regardless, you’ll probably want to watch this video at home.



Tips from the video

  • As you wipe the bottom clean, fold the used diaper inward so your older adult stays clean.
  • After wiping clean, expose the bottom to air-dry before putting on a fresh diaper.
  • Use a barrier cream to keep skin healthy and free of sores.
  • For men, point the penis downward so the diaper catches the urine. Don’t point to the edges of the diaper where it is more leak-prone.
  • Slide a disposable bed liner underneath your older adult to keep the bed clean (optional).


Recommended supplies

  • Plenty of moist disposable wipes, adult-size if available (suggestions here)
  • Moisture protective barrier cream to prevent skin breakdown and sores (here’s one)
  • Trash can close by to throw away wipes and used diapers
  • Disposable gloves (optional)
  • Disposable bed liners (optional, here’s one)


Next Step  Watch this video tutorial on how to change an adult diaper (9 min)


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