Real-life Caregiver Stories: The Journey, The Stress, The Frustration

caregiver stories

Hear from caregivers just like you

Real stories from caregivers are powerful and moving. Hearing these deeply personal experiences helps us realize that we’re not alone. Many others are on a very similar and equally challenging journey.

Three seasoned caregivers share their stories and talk about the battle-tested coping tips they used when things got really tough.


The caregiver journey from beginning to end

What’s the story about?
Adrienne Gruberg, from The Caregiver Space, writes about her experience caring for her husband Steve. She talks about the different levels, or stages, of caregiving that she went through. She also emphasizes the need to manage caregiver stress and seek support.

Who would benefit from reading this story?

  • All caregivers will enjoy hearing about the full journey and the lessons Adrienne learned along the way.
  • Hands-on caregivers will appreciate the tips and strategies that helped get her through the worst of times.

Hear about Adrienne’s journey through the different levels of caregiving and how she coped


Recognizing and managing caregiver stress

What’s the story about?
Marjorie Horne is a caregiver and elder care consultant in Canada. She talks about feeling stressed and headed for burnout while caring for her 92 year old mother.

Who would benefit from reading this story?

  • All caregivers can empathize with the feelings of anger and grief.
  • All caregivers will benefit from Marjorie’s story about how she and her mom were able to regularly forgive each other after one person behaved obnoxiously.
  • Hands-on caregivers will appreciate hearing how she identified her signs of caregiver stress and getting her tips for preventing burnout.

Find out how Marjorie recognized and managed the stress from caring for her mom


Frustrating “advice” from family and friends

What’s the story about?

Suzette Brown, author of Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes, cared for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease for 5 years. She shares the frustrating and unrealistic advice she got from family and friends.

Who would benefit from reading this story?

  • Caregivers who are dealing with annoying, frustrating, or even offensive comments from family and friends.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers will appreciate the worries and challenges of caring for an older adult with the disease, especially in the earlier stages.

Find out what made Suzette so angry and frustrated with her family and friends


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