Real-life Caregiver Stories: Acceptance, Compassion, Living in the Moment

caregiver stories

Caregiver stories let you know you’re not alone

Real-life caregiver stories are important for caregivers to hear. Knowing that others are facing similar challenges helps us cope. These 3 stories discuss emotional subjects that are close to the hearts of many caregivers.


Judy comes to terms with the inevitable

What’s the story about?

  • Judy Fox, from When the Table Turns, talks about caring for her 98 year old mother.
  • She reveals funny and touching memories of their time together and thinks about the day when her mom will no longer be with her.
  • She tackles the subjects of death, not being afraid, and learning to be at peace with the inevitable changes.

Which types of caregiver would benefit from this story?

  • All types of caregivers will enjoy hearing about Judy’s positive memories with her mom.
  • Caregivers will also appreciate Judy’s perspective on her mom’s eventual and inevitable passing.

Find out what helped Judy to accept her mom’s inevitable decline


Robert becomes a caregiver by accident

What’s the story about?

  • Robert shares his story about caring for his birth mother, who has Alzheimer’s, with Dementia Challengers.
  • He describes how he came to be the full-time caregiver to the mother who gave him up for adoption at birth.

Which types of caregiver would benefit from this story?

  • All types of caregivers will be touched by Robert’s compassion, even under these circumstances.
  • Caregivers will also appreciate hearing about when they fought, his bitter feelings, why he stuck with it, and how he feels after these past few years.

Hear Robert’s story about accidentally becoming a full-time caregiver to his estranged mother


Donna helps us slow down and appreciate the little things

What’s the story about?

  • Donna Thomson, from The Caregivers’ Living Room, talks about spending the day with her mom and checking in on her disabled son, Nicholas.
  • Even though Donna has two people in her life needing significant care, the pace of her story shows her ability to live in the moment and enjoy both her mom and Nicholas just as they are.

Which types of caregiver would benefit from this story?

  • All types of caregivers can identify with being pulled in multiple directions.
  • It’s good to be reminded how important it is to enjoy the little things in life. Taking time to appreciate family and life in general decreases stress and increases happiness.

Find out about the moments Donna cherishes while caring for her mom and her son


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