Music Seniors Love: Top Songs from Every Generation

music seniors love

Music reduces stress, anxiety, and pain in seniors

Music is an amazing drug-free way to improve quality of life for older adults. Many studies show the benefits of music. It reduces stress, anxiety, and pain. It also improves immune function, helps memory, and encourages exercise.

To help you find music seniors love, we’ve rounded up dozens of top hits from every generation.


Music reaches those with Alzheimer’s or dementia

Another benefit is that music helps people reminisce and go back and relate to emotions and experiences. That’s why it’s often recommended for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It reduces anxiety and agitation and boosts happiness and engagement.

The documentary Alive Inside is a great example of how music can reach people with even very advanced dementia.


Top songs for every generation

In order to get the benefits, it’s important to play music that your senior enjoys and connects with. We’ve got something for every generation, starting with the 1930s for those who are 90 years old and going all the way to the songs 60 year olds will remember from their youth.

Here are some of the top artists and highly rated “best of” albums from each decade. Click the links to see the albums we suggest.

Top hits for 90+ year olds

Top hits for 80+ year olds

Top hits for 70+ year olds

Top hits for 60+ year olds

Top hits: Jazz


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  • Reply March 3, 2019

    Nick Barrow

    My grandmother loves ray stevens, and she sings the roy rogers song whenever it plays, too! She also likes the monkees.

  • Reply October 2, 2018


    Do you have any hymn CD s for singing to?

  • Reply July 4, 2018

    Shelia O'Neal

    I am a activities coordinator at my home. We have residents that range in age from 100 98 94 Plus. We have some ages 68 58 54 and so on. We deal with mental illness and dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    • Reply July 5, 2018


      Wow! That’s a wide age range to work with. I hope these song suggestions help you find music that suits a variety of tastes!

  • Reply August 4, 2017


    i’m an activity director and i use this youtube channel a lot… it’s live piano

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