Free Coloring Pages for Seniors: Our Top 5 Picks

free coloring pages for seniors

Coloring relieves stress

Coloring may sound like a simple activity, but more and more people are discovering that it’s an effective stress reliever and mood booster. Some psychologists have even said that coloring is a form of meditation.


Creative activities benefit seniors

A research study shows that engaging seniors in creative activities like coloring can improve their health, lead to fewer doctor visits, reduce medication, and decrease the number of health problems.

You can benefit from coloring too! It’s a quick and inexpensive way to help you relax and engage in a fun and creative activity for as much or as little time as you have.



Free coloring pages for seniors

Thanks to its recent popularity, there are hundreds of free coloring pages available online. Here are 5 sites with great options for every ability level. The coloring pages are easy to print and use anytime!

1. Coloring Pages for Adults
This site has hundreds of coloring pages in a variety of themes and topics.


2. Everything Etsy
Choose from 12 different designs — along with regular designs, there are bookmarks and inspirational quotes.


3. Coloring.WS Spring Theme
Some older adults will appreciate these simpler spring-themed designs.


4. Free Coloring Pages
This site has a range of designs, from simple to more complex.


5. Crayola
Crayola also has a selection of free coloring pages in a wide range of themes and complexity. Use the menu on the left to browse the categories.


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