How the Village Movement Is Helping Seniors Age in Place

village movement

Seniors want to stay in their homes

In an AARP survey of U.S. seniors, 90% said that they want to age in their homes. They don’t want to move to retirement communities or assisted living facilities.

The problem is, it’s not realistic for seniors to live completely independently forever. That’s where the Village Movement comes in. This new way of thinking helps seniors live as they wish, but with the support they need.


What is the Village Movement?

The Village Movement is a concept where neighbors form a non-profit membership organization to help each other live independently in their homes. The organization is run by volunteers and paid staff.

Members pay a fee for access to a wide variety of services including transportation, help with household tasks, or organized social activities. On average, it costs about $50/month or $600/year.


How do Villages actually work?

The Village works like a concierge service. Members are connected with approved home-maintenance companies (like plumbers), able-bodied members, or volunteers who are vetted and trained.

For example, if a Village member needs grab bars installed in their bathroom, they would contact their Village office. They could get a referral to an approved contractor or get help making the arrangements. In many cases, the Village would have already negotiated group discounts with local businesses, so they’d get better pricing too.


Who is the Village Movement right for?

Joining a local Village is a good choice for active, healthy older adults who can get around on their own and don’t need much help with activities of daily living.

Most members still drive, may be employed, have active lifestyles, and participate in the greater city community.

Seniors might consider joining a Village because they:

  • Want to stay independent, but don’t want to move to independent living (or can’t afford to).
  • Need help with household chores, home maintenance, or transportation.
  • Have shrinking social circles and want to socialize, make new friends, and participate in activities.
  • Need some help, but don’t want to bother relatives or don’t have any family in the local area.
  • Want to contribute to their community by helping other members or organizing social activities.


Why consider joining a Village?

The support that members of a Village get is similar to what an independent living community provides. The big difference is that they don’t have to move or pay the high fees.

This is especially good for seniors who love their homes, have fully paid their mortgages, or who live in rent-controlled apartments and would have huge rent increases if they moved.


Bottom line

Relative to the costs of an independent living community, joining a Village is a steal!

Independent seniors get to stay independent in their own homes, but enjoy the benefits of services when they’re needed, social activities, and an office they can call anytime for help or advice.


Next Step  Find a Village in your local area


By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
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