How to Prevent Social Isolation in Seniors

prevent social isolation in seniors

Isolated seniors are 26% more likely to die

Studies have shown that seniors who are socially isolated tend to have greater risk of death and die earlier. They also have poorer quality of life while they’re alive.

In these cases, nobody is around to notice that a senior needs help to prevent a health crisis. These isolated older adults are also more likely to do things that are harmful to their health, like not taking medicine or eating regularly.



Social isolation action plan from DailyCaring

In an interview by OurParents, we discussed how to spot signs of social isolation. We also recommend nearly a dozen ways to increase social engagement. There are tips for active older adults as well as those who are homebound.


A few ideas

One of our favorite suggestions is to invite family or friends to participate in a shared activity like knitting blankets for charity or completing a jigsaw puzzle. This takes pressure away from awkward silences or forced conversation, but still strengthens relationships.


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