Should Your Parents Consider Moving to Independent Living?

moving to independent living

Independent living is convenient and social

Some seniors feel that moving out of a home they’ve lived in for decades automatically means they’re losing their independence.

But independent living is almost the opposite of that. It’s about making it easier and more fun to live on their own.

Seniors still get to live in their own place and have complete control over their own lives. The difference is that their new place will come with a built-in community of people their age and lots of services and amenities.


What is independent living?

Independent living is housing that’s designed exclusively for people over age 55. It can range from apartments to houses, but they’re all designed to be senior-friendly. This usually means they’re smaller, easier to get around in, and don’t require maintenance or yard work.

Many independent living communities also offer extras, like:

  • Group meals
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeping and laundry service
  • Security and staff available 24/7
  • Recreational centers or clubhouses
  • Organized activities like arts & crafts, holiday parties, classes, movie nights
  • Facilities like a pool, fitness center, tennis court, golf course


Who is independent living right for?

Independent living is a good choice for active, healthy older adults who can get around on their own and don’t need help with activities of daily living.

Most people living in independent living still drive, may be employed, have active lifestyles, and participate in the greater city community.

Seniors might consider independent living because they:

  • Feel that maintaining their house is getting more and more difficult.
  • Have shrinking social circles and are getting lonely.
  • Are having a more difficult time with driving, which limits activities.
  • Have lost a spouse and feel that joining a community of people their own age would help them stay engaged in life and prevent loneliness.
  • Want to move to be closer to their kids, but don’t want to live with them, don’t want the upkeep of a house, and do want to make new friends in their new city.


Why consider independent living?

Studies have shown that people who are active and engaged in life are healthier and happier.

After moving into a community of similarly-aged people, many seniors are actually more active than before.

It’s easier to make friends within the community, participate in organized activities or clubs, and stay fit with sports and fitness programs.


Bottom line

Things aren’t black and white when it comes to senior housing options. People aren’t limited to a choice between living in their own home or moving into a nursing home.

Today, there are many housing options to suit your older adult’s lifestyle preferences at any stage of their life.


Coming Soon  Find out about the 4 independent living options, average costs, and how to pay


By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
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