Caregiver Holiday Stress Guide: 6 Best Articles for Managing Stress

caregiver holiday stress

Improve your holiday with our best caregiver stress tips

Holidays are stressful enough, but when you add caregiving into the mix, stress levels can go through the roof.

To improve your holiday season, we’ve selected our 6 top articles that help you manage stressful situations, adjust expectations, and find ways to take much-needed breaks.


6 best articles help you reduce caregiver holiday stress

1) 3 Ways to Reduce Caregiver Holiday Stress and Enjoy the Season
When you’re a caregiver, it’s important to remember that holidays don’t have to be the same as they were in the past.

Get 3 tips to help you eliminate unrealistic expectations, reduce guilt and stress, and get a well-deserved break.
Enjoy your holiday more


2) How to Relieve Caregiver Stress: 4 Tips from Navy SEALs
Navy SEALs are the special operations force of the U.S. Navy. In their jobs, they often face life-threatening danger.

They use 4 key stress management techniques to stay calm, reduce stress, and avoid burnout. Find out how to use these battle-tested techniques in caregiving situations.
Stress relief tips that even work in combat situations


3) 2 Ways to Manage Caregiver Emotional Stress: Tips from a Social Worker
Emotional issues in caregiving, like guilt or sadness, can intensify during the holidays. These strong feelings add to your stress, but are often pushed aside when things are hectic.

Get tried-and-true advice to help you manage these caregiver emotions from a social worker with decades of experience.
Expert advice for dealing with caregiving emotions


4) Stress Relief for Caregivers: Free App Helps You Relax in 2 Minutes –
Short breaks are very effective for reducing caregiver stress and keeping your temper in check. The challenge is that when you get a few minutes to yourself, it can be tough to relax and stop thinking about your senior.

We found the perfect thing for caregivers – a simple and free mobile app that helps you relax in as little as 2 minutes.
Relax for a few minutes to take the edge off


5) 6 Benefits of Journaling for Caregivers
An effective stress reduction technique that’s perfect for caregivers is journaling. Writing in a journal is free, takes as much or as little time as you’ve got, and can be done anywhere.

Getting your thoughts out on paper is surprisingly therapeutic, can make caregiving easier, and helps you resolve arguments with people. Hopefully you won’t need that last one, but…
6 ways journaling helps caregivers


6) 10 Ways Caregivers Can Take a Quick Break Right Now
You might think that you have to spend a week vacationing at the beach to reduce stress, but that’s not true. Even quick 5 minute breaks can significantly reduce stress and improve overall health.

Taking short breaks throughout the day also helps you be more focused and get more done – excellent for those holiday To Do lists!
Our 10 favorite free ways to take very short breaks


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