Seated Tai Chi for Seniors: 3 Simple Routines Improve Flexibility and Well-being [Video]

seated tai chi for seniors

Seated tai chi for seniors improves health

Doing tai chi while sitting helps older adults get the health and wellness benefits of tai chi without the fall risk. Seated tai chi is also a great exercise option for frail seniors or those with limited mobility.

Tai chi is a gentle exercise that improves balance and reduces fall risk. It consists of making slow, graceful movements while breathing deeply. It’s relatively easy to follow because the movements are done so slowly.

Studies find that tai chi also improves flexibility, immune system, sleep, happiness, sense of self-worth, strength, cardiovascular endurance, concentration, and more.

We found 3 excellent and free video routines of seated tai chi for seniors that are perfect for beginners. Plus, all that’s needed is a sturdy chair, so it’s easy to do these routines in the comfort and convenience of home.



Go slow and adapt to avoid injuries

Staying safe while exercising is the number one priority. When trying new exercises or movements, it’s wise to go slow and not push to a point of discomfort.

Some people have arthritis, knee issues, or other physical conditions that limit range of motion. Be flexible and feel free to modify the exercises to suit your older adult. Over time, their body will get used to the movements and their abilities or flexibility may improve.


3 simple home routines of seated tai chi for seniors

1. Seated Tai Chi Exercises For Seniors – Easy to Follow – 15 minutes
This video is filmed in a peaceful outdoor setting while an instructor moves slowly through a variety of gentle tai chi exercises. The instructor makes the steps clear and easy to follow.

The main instruction starts at 3 minutes 7 seconds in the video and goes until 18 minutes 20 seconds.


2. Tai chi warmup in chair – 14 minutes
In this video of a group tai chi class, there are 4 older adult students and an instructor. It can be helpful to see how each person does the movements in their own way as she guides everyone through the routine.


3. Tai Chi Shibashi Full 18 Movements Seated – 7 minutes
In this video, the instructor goes through 18 movements at a slightly faster pace than other tai chi videos. But the routine is still gentle and your older adult can choose do the movements more slowly or modify them to suit their physical abilities.

There’s no talking in this video, so once the exercises become familiar, your older adult can focus on the movements and enjoy the relaxing music.


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