REVIEW: Jitterbug Touch3 Smartphone for Seniors (Part 1 of 4)

smartphone for seniors

Hands-on review of the Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone

We tested GreatCall’s Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone for seniors so we could share our real-life experience and opinions with you. If you’re considering a touch-screen mobile phone for your older adult, this 4 part hands-on review lets you know if the Touch3 is right for them.

In the coming weeks, we’ll talk about how families use the GreatCall Link app to make sure their senior is safe, details about pricing, health and safety services, and monthly fees, and what older adults and caregivers are saying about the phone.


What is the Jitterbug Touch3?

The Jitterbug Touch3 is a mobile phone with a 4 inch touch screen. It lets older adults easily make phone calls, send text messages, take pictures, send and receive email, browse the Internet, and more.

What makes it different from other smartphones is that it has an easy-to-use list-style menu and comes with health and safety services designed especially for seniors. It also comes with the GreatCall Link app which allows family members to discreetly check in to make sure everything is ok.

smartphone for seniors(L to R) Lock screen, home screen, Internet browser


Why is the Jitterbug Touch3 good for seniors?

Basic features

  • Simplified list-style menus make it easy to use
  • Large fonts and bright colors on a 4 inch touch screen make things easy to see
  • Hearing aid compatible

Special health and safety apps and add-on services

  • One button access to 5Star Medical Alert Agents
  • Smartphone app that keeps family caregivers informed
  • Medication reminders
  • Friendly, automated check-in calls
  • Anytime access to live, registered nurses and board-certified doctors
  • Affordable heart monitor
  • Personal assistant to help with directions, make appointments, etc.


Who would enjoy using the Jitterbug Touch3?

Many older adults would like this phone. Even if your senior doesn’t need texting, email, or Internet capabilities, the 4 inch touch screen makes it easier to navigate menus and make phone calls versus older flip-style phones.

For older adults who are mobile and leave the house frequently, this is a great choice. But even if your senior stays home most of the time, it’s convenient to keep this phone in their pocket. It’s easy to access and they won’t have to rush across the room to pick up a ringing landline phone.


How does the Jitterbug Touch3 help families?

Caregivers get peace of mind knowing that their older adult has an easy-to-use mobile phone that helps keep them safe.

For families, the best parts of the Touch3 are the health and safety services. 5Star is available to help your senior anytime. The GreatCall Link app allows you to find out where they are and if the phone has enough power. Regular mobile phones don’t come with these features.


Pricing and monthly fees

The original cost of the Touch3 is $179, but it’s offered at a discount on the GreatCall website ($150, updated to the new and improved Jitterbug Smart) and through other retailers like Amazon (currently $114, but pricing changes frequently).

Affordable monthly voice and data plans start at $18/month and optional health and safety packages start at $20/month.

Stay tuned, we’ll cover pricing, fees, and services we recommend in more detail in the coming weeks.


Bottom line

Overall, we love the Touch3 and highly recommend it. It’s perfect for seniors who’d appreciate the ease of use and added safety and health features. It’s excellent for families because it gives you peace of mind that your older adult is safe and going about their usual activities.


Coming Soon  Find out how families use GreatCall Link to keep seniors safe without taking away independence


Ready to Buy?  Get the Jitterbug Touch3 from GreatCall (updated to the new and improved Jitterbug Smart)


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: Engadget


  • […] The Jitterbug Touch3 phone even has a heart monitoring function. It has an attachment that plugs into the back of the phone. It performs electrocardiogram tests and tracks heart rate! […]

  • Reply February 8, 2018

    Charlene Slocum

    I love my Jitterbug phone. Everything is there in alphabetical order. I can’t imaging why anyone wouldn’t like it, but it’s simple–if you don’t like it, just return it.

    • Reply February 9, 2018


      Wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying this phone!

  • Reply December 16, 2017


    What’s the difference between “Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-Use 5.5” Smartphone for Seniors” and “Jitterbug Touch3 for Seniors”?

    I also saw on the manufacturer’s site that they have 3 types:

    Jitterbug Smart
    Jitterbug Flip
    Lively Mobile

    What are these? I’ve seen quite a few more of these under slightly different names. I’m terribly confused.

    Anyone knows? Thanks ever so much for any help! 🙂

    • Reply December 16, 2017


      Great questions, this can be a little confusing. The Jitterbug Smart is the updated version of the Touch3, both are easy-to-use smartphones. The Jitterbug Flip is a mobile phone in the “flip phone” style — not a smartphone. Lively Mobile is a personal medical alert device that you could use to call for help in an emergency, like a fall or health emergency. I hope this helps! To speak with someone for more information about these products, please call GreatCall at 800-918-8543.

      • Reply December 16, 2017


        Thank you so much for your explanation. So then the Jitterbug Touch3 has 4″ screen but they updated it into the Jitterbug Smart by enlarging the screen to 5.5″? I’ll call GreatCall (which will be soon bought by Verizon) :o) Thanks again.

        • Reply December 16, 2017


          Glad to help! I believe they did enlarge the screen, but the GreatCall customer service team will be the best source of information. Hope you find a phone that’s a good fit!

  • Reply November 21, 2017

    Robert McGinty

    trying to find the OK icon so I can delete pictures on the jitterbug smart phone. Last step in the procedure

    • Reply November 21, 2017


      It sounds like you have a question about using your Jitterbug phone. GreatCall customer service will be the best people to help you out. Please call them at 800-733-6632

  • Reply November 21, 2017

    Robert McGinty

    I am trying to delete pictures, where is the OK icon which is the last step

  • Reply August 19, 2016

    Anthony Alba

    I need a manual to help me learn the different functions available in the smart jitterbug that i just purchased. I do not have children of family members to walk me in the different functions. i know that the smart jitterbug is easy, but not for all seniors. What i need is a manual like those available for other brands of smart phone.

    If something is available, please let me know. thank you. the phone comes with a small booklet that is helpful, but not completely .

    dummy Anthony Alba

    • Reply August 20, 2016

      Connie Chow

      Hi Anthony — You’re not alone in needing some pointers on using your new phone, every device has a learning curve. Please call GreatCall (the maker of the Jitterbug phones) at 1-800-733-6632, their customer support representatives will be able to answer your questions. You could also visit — scroll down for helpful videos, how-to cards, and interactive online learning courses.

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