REVIEW: Jitterbug Touch3 Reviews from Seniors and Caregivers (Part 4 of 4)

jitterbug touch3 reviews

Hands-on review of the Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone

We tested GreatCall’s Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone for seniors so we could share our real-life experience and opinions with you. If you’re considering a touch-screen mobile phone for your older adult, this 4 part hands-on review lets you know if the Touch3 is right for them.

You can also see our quick product overview and review summary, see how families use the GreatCall Link app to keep seniors safe without taking away independence, and get info about monthly fees and the health and safety services we recommend.


Jitterbug Touch3 reviews on Amazon

There are nearly 200 reviews of the Jitterbug Touch3 on from seniors and family caregivers. As with any smartphone, people have a wide range of opinions about its ease-of-use, cellular reception, and GreatCall’s customer service.

Overall, most people were happy with the phone and found the health and safety apps especially useful. Here are some common thoughts and excerpts from helpful Amazon reviews.

5Star and GPS are useful
Many reviewers agree that the 5Star medical alert service and GPS feature aren’t available with standard smartphones and they’re very useful for helping older adults stay safe and feel confident while maintaining independence.

“This is basically like a life-alert service, and even though it costs $15 a month, it’s a small amount for peace of mind with my senior citizen parents. A smartphone could provide similar service, but neither of my parents are that adept with smartphones. The big display and the fact that it allows you to link to family and friends make this a plus for me. There is also a medication alert to remind the folks to take their meds…This is basically a super easy smartphone with basic functions. That’s all I need for my parents, and it’s much appreciated.”

“The…purposes of this phone are: 1) to simplify the smartphone for non techies. Font size is bigger for easy reading. 2) Remote Elder Care. you can buy into an emergency health service if you are frail. One touch of the special emergency button alerts multiple members of your family and also allows you to talk to a medical operator who can help you or call an ambulance for you. 3) there is a gps on the phone so if you have a wandering Grandpa who gets lost, you can track him down.”

“I got this phone for my mom that is living with us after a fall. We don’t have a home phone and her eye sight isn’t good enough for a regular phone. This one worked great the screen is easy to see and use. I feel good knowing she can call for help.”

Get the flip phone version if you don’t use email or Internet
Several folks were annoyed to be paying for a data plan because they didn’t use email or the Internet. In that case, this reviewer’s advice to get the Jitterbug5 flip-style phone is a smart tip.

“My advice if someone doesn’t need the internet but wants the perks of an easy to use phone with the Safety Features, then get the Flip Style Jitterbug. It’s great if you lose your electricity or go for a walk and need help. As a handicapped retired nurse, I would find that very useful and a definite must have for someone who is by themselves. The daily phone call from the one feature alone is worth the cost of the phone and plan.”

The keyboard is small
It’s true that the keyboard is pretty small and can be tough to use. Some people have solved this problem by getting an inexpensive smartphone stylus, available at Walmart, Staples, or similar stores. The number keys for dialing phone numbers are large, so people who don’t regularly use texting or email probably won’t mind the small keyboard.


More reviews on ConsumerAffairs

We also checked out the almost 650 reviews on Overall, those reviews were even more positive than the ones on Amazon. Here’s one review that many seniors will be able to relate to.

“I got a Jitterbug because I don’t have very good balance, and I’ve fallen down a couple of times outside. I carry it with me. If I fall and can’t get up, I push the button.”


Bottom line

Overall, the Jitterbug Touch3 gets good reviews from older adults and their families. Of course, no smartphone, cellular provider, or customer service department is perfect so there are bound to be some complaints.

However, many people (including us) agree that the Touch3 helps seniors stay more independent because special features like 5Star and GreatCall Link help keep them safe.


Interested in Buying?  Get the Jitterbug Touch3 from GreatCall (now the new and improved Jitterbug Smart)


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