Celebrating Father’s Day with 17 Gifts and Activities for Seniors

celebrate father's day

Senior-friendly fun for celebrating Father’s Day

Sharing a wonderful meal, enjoying a fun activity, or giving a thoughtful gift are wonderful ways to show how much you care about the important men in your life.

Get ready for a meaningful Father’s Day celebration with our roundup of 17 senior-friendly activity and gift ideas to help you plan a great day together.




5 activities for dads who like going out

In addition to celebrating Father’s Day with a meal at a favorite restaurant, many older adults enjoy activities like golfing, fishing, or bowling.

There are also plenty of fun, low-key activities like mini golf, cornhole, horseshoes, bird watching, or lawn bowling. For sports fans, another great option is to enjoy a live game together.

More ideas:

  1. Take a walk through nature – in the park, on an easy hiking trail, or through the neighborhood.
  2. Visit a local museum, photography exhibit, or well-known sightseeing spot.
  3. Attend a local car show – classic cars, muscle cars, or whatever revs their engine!
  4. Treat him to a relaxing massage or an old-fashioned professional shave and haircut.
  5. Stroll through an indoor shopping center. It’s a pleasant, air-conditioned place to chat, people watch, and do a little shopping. Plus, there are plenty of bathrooms, seating areas, and food and drink options.


6 activities for dads who enjoy staying in

It’s not always easy for older adults to leave the house. For those who prefer to stay in, there are a number of fun activities you can enjoy together.

Our suggestions:

  1. Watch their favorite sports on TV with plenty of tasty snacks.
  2. Get family or friends together for a card game. If they enjoy betting, use pennies or play money to keep things lighthearted and fun.
  3. Invite family and friends for a relaxed get together. Have a potluck meal or backyard BBQ!
  4. Bring home a takeout meal from his favorite restaurant.
  5. Watch an old favorite movie or a new blockbuster he’s sure to enjoy.
  6. Play cards or a board game together.


6 thoughtful, senior-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas

It’s always nice to receive a thoughtful gift. Here are some your older adult is sure to love.


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