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thinoptics reading glasses

Older adults need reading glasses

How many times has your older adult asked, “Have you seen my glasses?” Aging eyesight isn’t the best for reading small type, but the problem is that half the time, the glasses are nowhere to be found! A company called ThinOptics has a great solution. Their reading glasses are super thin, fit everyone, and come with innovative carrying cases.

thinoptics reading glasses

Older adults can keep a pair exactly where needed

Your older adult may have trouble reading medication or food labels or they might struggle with favorite activities like knitting, puzzles, reading, and other hobbies. We like ThinOptics because the Universal Pod glasses holder can slide into any pocket or be stuck anywhere! Attach the Universal Pod to the kitchen wall, on the TV side table, or near their favorite easy chair and reading glasses will be in the place where they’ll be used most.

thinoptics reading glasses

These are great for caregivers too

Many family caregivers are starting to need reading glasses. Keep a pair handy with the amazing mobile phone case that doubles as a reading glass case! This is especially handy if you don’t need them often because you always have your phone with you. Whenever you need to read something in small font, the glasses are always with you because they’re attached to your phone. Best of all, they’re discreet and actually look pretty cool.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: ThinOptics

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