Q & A: Adult size wipes for incontinence cleanup?

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– Question –

Where can I find adult size wipes for cleaning up older adults with incontinence, who use bed pans, or who wear diapers? The baby wipes that I get at the drugstore aren’t large enough.


– Answer –

Local Option

We found these 12×8 inch adult disposable washcloths at Walgreens. Call ahead or use their online “Find at a store” option to find out if they’re in stock at your local store.


Online Option
We searched on Amazon.com for “adult wipes” and found affordable options with great customer reviews:

  1. Simply Right Adult Washcloths – 240 count
  2. Tranquility Cleansing Wipes – 9×13 inches – 350 count
  3. All “adult wipe” search results on Amazon

We like using Amazon for incontinence supplies because:

  • Many products have lots of detailed customer reviews. You can find out what other caregivers recommend!
  • You can choose from many options.
  • If you set up automated regular delivery of staple items, such as wipes, you can get a discount (Amazon Subscribe & Save).


Bonus: A word of caution
You might not want to flush these wipes down the toilet even if they are marked as “flushable.” Many people have had expensive clogged pipe problems because the wipes don’t dissolve. We’ve also seen newspaper articles about waste management companies reporting big clogs at sewage treatment plants caused by “flushable” wipes.


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