3 Ways This App Prevents Caregiver Burnout

The CareBirds app helps prevent caregiver burnout

The CareBirds app makes caregiving easier and keeps caregivers connected

Whether you’ve been doing it for a week, a year, or more, caring for an older adult can be challenging and stressful. This can easily lead to caregiver burnout.

That’s why we created CareBirds, an app that makes caregiving easier and less overwhelming. 

Our founder knows what it’s like to juggle the needs of two aging parents who need care. Based on her experience, she created the app for caregivers going through similar challenges.

Kiersten Regele, CareBirds’ founder, found out exactly how tough it is to be a caregiver to aging parents when she needed to juggle the needs of two parents – her mom had a stroke at the same time her father was having ongoing health problems.

Based on her experience, she set out to create an app for caregivers going through similar challenges.

We’ll share 3 ways that CareBirds makes everyday caregiving easier and reduces the risk of caregiver burnout, all for free.


3 ways CareBirds prevents caregiver burnout

1. “Everything in one place” makes everyday life easier
Caregivers often fall into a way of doing things that helps them get through the day. There’s no time to be proactive and create a system that’s simpler or more efficient.

That’s where the easy-to-use CareBirds app comes in. It conveniently organizes essential caregiving information in one place.

That includes appointment times, care schedules, medication routines, and to-do items. Plus, it has gentle reminders and notifications to keep things on track.

The app also makes it easy to communicate with the care team and coordinate caregiving tasks.

Does this sound familiar? Stacks of paperwork around the house, Post-it note reminders everywhere, and text or phone call appointment notifications popping up all the time. Many of us are getting by in this way.

Without an organized system, it can take a lot of time and energy to cross-reference calendars, search for paperwork, and generally keep everything straight.

But having all of this essential info in one place on the CareBirds app means you don’t have to keep the details in your head or search through loose papers to find the right information.

When we don’t have to put so much energy into caregiving logistics, we can put our energy where it really matters – taking care of both our older adults and ourselves.


Get everything organized with CareBirds – it’s free!


The CareBirds app keeps caregivers connected


2. Get help from a certified caregiving coach
The stress and uncertainty of caregiving can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. After all, there’s no official handbook or user guide.

Being able to talk to a Certified Caregiving Coach for free using the CareBirds app means you can get expert advice on the issues that are keeping you up at night – without leaving your home.

It can feel like each new day of caregiving brings a new challenge. As these challenges pile up, many without simple solutions, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

One great way to keep all of this from becoming overwhelming is to talk to someone, like a Certified Caregiving Coach, who fully understands what you are going through and can offer useful, objective advice.

Talking to a trusted supporter isn’t just a good idea, it’s necessary. 

Without getting the outside perspective and advice that helps you set aside your responsibilities for a moment and recharge, it’s easy to get burned out.

But with CareBirds, you can easily get in touch with someone who will be there for you.

Just like having a central place for information, when we take care of ourselves by talking to a Certified Caregiving Coach, we’ll have more energy to care for our loved ones and ourselves.


Download CareBirds to Start Talking to Your Certified Caregiving Coach


3. Lean on a supportive community and know that you’re not alone
Caring for an older adult can make us feel isolated and lonely. That can lead to depression or burnout.

With so many of us in self-isolation or quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more important now to find a virtual community or support system to keep from feeling alone.

Each Nest in the CareBirds app is designed to have multiple people in it, even if those people aren’t the ones physically giving care.

Any family, friends, or people in your support structure can chat with you, send affirmations, and let you know that you aren’t alone.

Even if you’re a solo caregiver, now is the time to reach out to people, no matter where they are.

Regardless of how you’re connecting with other caregivers, it’s important to give it a try – every caregiver deserves to feel supported and know that they’re not alone.


Find Support in Your Nest: Download CareBirds


The CareBirds app makes caregiving easier


Taking care of yourself is essential

Even though it can seem impossible at times and yet another thing to add to the to-do list, it is important to take care of our own wellbeing.

One thing that makes a big difference is reducing unnecessary stress, like getting help with the endless mess of locating information, scheduling, and coordination.

Another is to take care of our emotional wellbeing by finding a supportive community and talking with others.

Otherwise, we’re more likely to reach a point where we’ll become so ill or burned out that we aren’t able to care for our older adult or ourselves.

Kiersten, our founder, knows this first-hand. That’s why she created an app that’s focused on making caregiving easier.

It’s easy, free, and always available on your phone.


Find out more about CareBirds or download for free


CareBirds is a technology company founded on the mission of caring for the family caregiver and making caregivers’ lives easier. Caregivers have long been ignored by the tech world, and CareBirds wants to change that. The CareBirds app, released in 2019, is designed to solve problems that caregivers face, like coordinating care and finding a trusted resource for advice.


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