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stress relief for caregivers

Sometimes you need help to relax

You’re only human, there’s only so much you can take when caring for your older adult.

Short breaks are a great way to reduce caregiver stress and help keep your temper in check. The challenge is that when you get a few minutes to yourself, it can be difficult to truly relax and stop thinking and worrying about your senior.

We found something perfect for stress relief for caregivers – a completely free mobile app that helps you get into a relaxing zone in as little as 2 minutes!


Calm is a free app that helps you de-stress

The Calm free mobile app is perfect for quick stress reduction breaks anywhere, anytime (like while you’re hiding in the bathroom to get some peace). It’s simple to use, doesn’t require sign up, and offers a variety of relaxation programs.

The app has soothing nature backgrounds and sounds. You can daydream that you’re on the beach, walking through a meadow, or listening to a rainstorm. Set a timer to let you know when your quiet time is up or choose a guided meditation session where a calm voice helps you break away from day-to-day stresses and focus on yourself.


The basics are completely free

In the DailyCaring office, we use the Calm app often. There are more advanced programs that require a paid subscription, but we’ve been very satisfied using the app’s free features.

Don’t be afraid to poke around and see what the programs are about. The paid ones will be obvious – you’ll be asked to subscribe. Just exit that screen and return to the app to continue using the free features.

The Calm mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. In the screenshots below, we’re using this app on an iPhone.


How to use the Calm app

stress relief for caregiversCalm app home screen

When you open the app, you’ll see a peaceful nature scene, hear the soothing background sounds, and see three buttons – Profile, Meditate, and Scenes. Meditate is the primary focus of the app, so we’ll talk about that first.



stress relief for caregiversMeditate menu – recommended session and Programs

In the Meditate area, scroll down to see dozens of relaxation programs and options. A recommended 5 minute guided session is shown at the very top (in the blue rectangle) so you don’t even have to scroll through the options below.

stress relief for caregiversThe 7 Days of Calm Program

The Program section has guided meditation series that help you with a specific goal, like learning the basics of meditation in 7 Days of Calm. That program is free. The rest require a paid subscription.

stress relief for caregiversUnguided and Guided

In the Unguided section, Timed Session is free. It’s a simple timer that lets you know when your relaxation session is over. We like to set the timer for 5 minutes, close our eyes, listen to the background sounds, and pretend we’re on vacation in a beautiful place.

In the Guided section, Calm and Body Scan are free. The rest are marked with little lock signs and require a paid subscription. We like both of the free guided sessions. A soothing voice helps you get out of your racing thoughts and focus on your breathing and body. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to follow and how relaxing it is.



stress relief for caregiversChoose from dozens of relaxing nature scenes

This is a list of all the available nature scenes and their accompanying background sounds. Download the scenes you like to your phone so they’ll be available when you swipe left or right. They’re all free. Press the play button to get a preview of the scene’s sounds.

You can select scenes from this list or switch scenes by swiping left or right on the Calm app’s home screen. Our favorites are Tropical Beach, Fireplace, and Plains of Wheat.


If you choose to create an account, this is where you can track all your sessions. Without a profile, there’s limited tracking.


Inside any of the button areas, there’s a little gear icon in the upper left corner. That’s where you can choose various app settings. Creating a profile is completely optional.


Bottom line

Regular stress relief for caregivers is essential. Studies have shown that even short breaks reduce stress and improve health and well-being. Even if you only have 2 minutes, the Calm app can help you get out of your head and escape the pressures of caring for your older adult.


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: Wikimedia Commons


  • Reply January 25, 2019


    I can not get the Calm App for free. Only 7 days and then 69.99/year.
    How to get it for free??

    • Reply February 1, 2019


      There are many parts of the Calm app that are free. Anything that doesn’t have a lock icon in the upper right corner or ask you to subscribe to Calm Premium is free to use.

      For example, under the “Meditate” menu, you’ll see many options with no lock icons like 7 Days of Calm, 7 Days of Sleep, Timed Meditation, Open-Ended Meditation, and more.

      In the other menu sections, like Sleep or Music, you’ll also see options that have no lock icon — those are free to use without buying Calm Premium.

  • Reply March 8, 2016

    Angela G. Gentile

    Thanks for sharing this mobile app with us! I did have to sign in to iTunes to download the free version on my iPhone. It looks amazing! I will definitely share. I also want to mention an app I’ve made – “Dementia Caregiver Solutions” for iPhone (on the App Store). I’d love for you to try it out. I can give you a free promo code for it if you’d like ($2.99 USD on the App Store). Caregivers can take this app with them wherever they go and find a solution or tip, and come out with some fresh ideas to help them cope with some of the daily challenges that often comes with caregiving. Help at their fingertips 24-hours a day. Plus many other value- added features. Thanks! Angela G. Gentile

    • Reply March 8, 2016

      Connie Chow

      Thank you Angela, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Calm app! Good point, iTunes requires you to sign in or authorize the app download even if the app is completely free.

      We’d love to check out your app and would appreciate a promo code. Email us at

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