VIDEO: Best Cane for Seniors? Hugo Cane vs HurryCane

Which is the best cane for seniors?

If your older adult is starting to have balance problems or needs a little support when walking, it might be time for a cane. But which one is best?

We found a useful video that reviews and compares two popular canes, the HurryCane and the Hugo Cane. Bob and Brad are physical therapists who discuss the pros and cons of each cane, share a few tips, and tell us which one they recommend.


Hugo Cane vs HurryCane

You’ve probably seen ads on TV for the $40 HurryCane. It’s marketed as the #1 selling cane in America. It folds up for convenience and can stand up on its’ own. The base is compact and has 3 prongs.

Hugo is another popular brand of cane even though they don’t do as much advertising. The $27 Hugo Cane shown in Bob and Brad’s video is the model with four prongs in a compact base, called a quadpod.


How the two canes compare

Bob and Brad do a great job comparing different features, how they work, and how they’d perform in common situations. Here are some important points from the video. (We’ve included time references so you can fast forward to that part of the video.)

Self-standing (1:55 min)
Both canes can stand up by themselves when placed on smooth, flat surfaces. But when placed on carpet, the HurryCane tends to fall over more easily.

Fold up for carrying (4:53 min)
The Hugo quadpod cane does not fold.

The HurryCane folds into 3 parts. That’s definitely convenient for carrying. But we wonder if someone is relying on a cane to get around, will they really need to fold it up often? More importantly, the folding feature could be a safety problem. If your senior accidentally steps on the base while walking, the top of the cane could collapse and cause a fall.

Weight supported (5:30 min)
Both canes are supposed to handle a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

However, the instructions that come with the HurryCane say it’s “not intended to absorb the full weight of the user.” Like Bob and Brad say, that notice might be for legal reasons, but it sure doesn’t inspire confidence in the cane!

Height adjustment (6:15 min)
The HurryCane adjusts from 30.5″ to 37.5″ and the Hugo Cane adjusts from 28″ to 39″. So, the Hugo Cane will be a better fit for very short or very tall people.

Bob is 6’ 6” tall and found the Hugo Cane to be tall enough, but the HurryCane was about an inch too short.

Tips and tricks (3:15 min and 3:00 min)
If your senior is stepping on the Hugo Cane base or it’s bumping into their leg, the quadpod base can be easily adjusted. The base is rectangular, so you can point the longer side vertically along the length of the foot to keep it out of the way.

If either cane falls over, stepping on the base makes it “stand up” so your senior can grab the handle without bending down.


Winner: the Hugo Cane is safer and a better value

After going through the pros and cons, Bob and Brad ultimately recommend the Hugo Cane. Compared to the HurryCane, the Hugo Cane is safer, has a wider range of height adjustment, and is less expensive. They also like the more comfortable handle grip and sturdy base.


Next Step  Watch Bob and Brad’s full review on YouTube (9 min)


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
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  • Reply January 29, 2018

    Georgi Gentry

    Does the Hugo have a pivoting base for uneven ground like the Hurry Cane claims. Is this a good feature or just unstable? Thanks!

  • Reply January 21, 2016

    Pat Hilgendorf

    Thank you for the informative video! I had no idea . I am recommending this site to others. It sure is a plus to have PT professionals giving the info.

    • Reply January 21, 2016

      Connie Chow

      You’re welcome Pat! We’re glad you found this video as helpful as we did. It certainly is useful to hear experienced professionals explain the pros and cons for something so critical for independence and fall prevention.

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