How to Avoid Phone Scams Targeting Seniors

phone scams targeting seniors

Telemarketers target seniors

Telemarketing is big business for scammers. The Department of Justice estimates that $40 billion is lost every year to telemarketing scams. And, it turns out that a large majority of the victims are over the age of 50.

Phone scams targeting seniors are popular because older adults make twice as many purchases over the phone as the rest of us, so they’re more likely to become victims.


What kinds of scams are used?

Telemarketing fraud includes schemes like identity theft, fake charities, sweepstakes scams, the sale of undelivered or worthless goods, and investment scams.


Find out how to avoid top telemarketing scams

The best defense is a good offense. Find out more about common telemarketing scams so you can protect your older adult from losing their hard-earned savings to swindlers. Get helpful tips from our friends at True Link to identify and avoid popular telemarketing scams.


Next Step  Find out how to help seniors avoid popular telemarketing scams on the True Link blog


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True Link is a financial services company committed to protecting vulnerable individuals, including seniors and adults with special needs, from becoming victims of fraud, scams, and exploitation. The company provides tools that can be self-directed or managed by family members, caregivers, or guardians. With True Link, you can detect suspicious account activity and block unwanted transactions, all while preserving an individual’s independence and protecting their assets.


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