4 Holiday Scams Seniors Should Avoid

holiday scams seniors

Fraudsters take advantage during holidays

The holidays should be about love and cheer, but it’s also a time when fraudsters work even harder to take advantage of older adults. Whether outright scams or questionable marketing tactics are used, seniors can be easy targets for exploitation.


Avoid 4 holiday shopping traps for seniors

The best way to defend your older adult (and yourself!) from seasonal scams is to know which holiday shopping traps to avoid. Our friends at True Link share tips on how to recognize 4 holiday scams seniors should watch out for:

  • Fake charities
  • Sneaky shipping charges
  • Hidden subscription services
  • Online order tricks


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True Link is a financial services company committed to protecting vulnerable individuals, including seniors and adults with special needs, from becoming victims of fraud, scams, and exploitation. The company provides tools that can be self-directed or managed by family members, caregivers, or guardians. With True Link, you can detect suspicious account activity and block unwanted transactions, all while preserving an individual’s independence and protecting their assets.


By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: Coosa Valley News

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