VIDEO: Touching Short Film about Dementia Behaviors

A common dementia behavior

One of the most challenging dementia behaviors is when your older adult asks the same question over and over again. It can be understandably difficult to not get annoyed or frustrated.

Repetitive questions test your patience

In this heartfelt 5 minute film, a father asks his son the same question many times. When the son loses patience, the father shows him an old journal that describes the son as a little boy asking the same question 21 times. This excellent short film paints a picture of how a son’s frustration can momentarily overshadow his deep love for his father. In the end, the son shows his father how much he cares.

Why do they repeat the same question?

Repetition could be caused by the feelings of insecurity and uncertainty caused by memory loss. In some cases, memory damage is so severe that the patient won’t even remember asking the question. In other cases, they’ll remember asking the question, but can’t remember your answer.

How to be patient and kind

While it doesn’t make the behavior go away, understanding the reasons behind these repetitive questions can help you stay calm and save your sanity. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that no matter how it might seem, your older adult is truly not repeating themselves to purposely annoy you or to get more attention. It might also help to imagine them as a curious young child, like the little boy in the film.

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Image: MovieTeller Films

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