Incontinence Protection for Furniture and Cars Makes Cleanup Easy

incontinence protection for furniture

Incontinence protection for furniture makes cleanup easier

When your older adult is incontinent, your furniture is likely to get soiled even if they always wear incontinence briefs – leaks happen. Nobody wants to deal with that kind of intense cleanup or have to worry about odors that get stuck deep inside of unwashable cushions.

Of course, it’s not reasonable to get a new couch or recliner chair every time it gets too stained or smelly. The best thing to do is invest in protective pads to prevent damage to chairs, couches, and even car seats.

We found pads and covers that are discreet, stylish, comfortable to sit on, and make cleanup MUCH easier – just toss in the wash. And, covering furniture with these pads is far less expensive than replacing it. As a bonus, these pads and covers also protect furniture from beverage and food spills.


Start with basic protection

The first thing to do for anything that’s upholstered is to spray on a fabric protector like this one.

Next, keep these stylish and discreet disposable pads on hand. They’re easy to throw on any unprotected surfaces in case your older adult wants to sit somewhere different. Or, use them as a top layer to reduce the need to wash cloth pads and covers.


Protect chairs

For wheelchairs or other chairs, add a waterproof pad to the seat. Buy two to double up or get a few to keep on all of your senior’s favorite seats.

Here are some options – all washable, reusable, and waterproof:


Protect recliners, stuffed chairs, sofas, and couches

It can be tricky to find covers that fit your chair or sofa exactly and are 100% waterproof, so it’s a good idea to use pads on top of the cover for extra protection.

Here are a few options:

  • $70 GPD water resistant cover for recliners or stuffed chairs
  • $100 North Shore waterproof sofa cover
  • A variety of SureFit waterproof covers for couches, sofas, and stuffed chairs


Protect car seats

It’s equally important to protect car seats from accidents and leaks so you don’t have to worry about driving your older adult somewhere. You could always use a chair pad to protect the car seat, but in case you need heavy duty protection, try one of these with a chair pad as an extra layer on top.

  • $20 Seat Saver waterproof universal car front seat cover
  • $45 Infina waterproof neoprene front seat cover
  • $13 (originally $70) Amzdeal waterproof front seat cover
  • $33 NAC&ZAC waterproof auto bench seat protector
  • $40 (originally $60) Surefit auto bench seat waterproof protector


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