How to Prevent Caregiver Theft

how to prevent caregiver theft

Theft is a common worry

One of the most common worries about hiring in-home help is that the caregiver could take advantage of your older adult. Even though the relationship between a hired caregiver and the family should be based on trust, it’s smart to take steps to prevent theft or fraud.


4 articles with useful tips

These four articles have practical tips on how to protect yourself and your older adult from theft and fraud by hired caregivers. Here are the standout tips we found in each.

1. Trust your instincts
After spending some time with the hired caregiver, pay attention to how you feel about them in your gut. Most people work hard to make a great impression at the start of a new job. But later, you might start to see a different personality show through.

If you start to feel uneasy, trust your gut and talk with their agency. If it’s a private hire, you might want to investigate for theft and (secretly) observe them carefully for a while. If they continue to make you feel suspicious or uneasy, look for a new caregiver.
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2. Use gift cards or prepaid debit cards, not cash
If your hired caregiver is responsible for running errands or buying groceries, don’t give them cash. Instead, use prepaid debit cards or gift cards along with asking for receipts for all purchases.

That way, all purchases can be tracked and verified. Plus, if the hired caregiver steals those cards, they’re only getting a limited amount.
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3. Watch for signs that your older adult is overly attached
Hired caregivers who are planning to steal might start out by creating an unusually close relationship with your senior. Through this tight bond, they may be able to get your older adult to voluntarily give them money, valuables, or extravagant gifts like cars!

That’s not to say that you should be suspicious of people that are kind to your senior. Of course you’d want that! But you’ll be able to tell if it seems a little over the top. Trust your gut like in the first article above. Be a little suspicious and look into things, especially if you see any of the signs outlined in sections 3 and 4 of this article.
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4. Smart ways to prevent theft
Protect your senior from theft or fraud by removing or taking inventory of valuables, not keeping cash around, and watching bank and credit card statements carefully. Numbers 4 – 6 in this article talk more about how to prepare the house before hiring in-home care.
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