How to Lower Medical Bills: CoPatient Helps Seniors and Caregivers

how to lower medical bills

Medical billing problems are stressful and time-consuming

Medical bills are the bane of a caregiver’s existence. They’re overly complicated, time-consuming, and often filled with errors.

With older adults being hospitalized, getting complex treatments, and seeing a variety of specialists, it’s difficult to know which charges are actually fair and correct. No wonder caregivers dread managing medical bills!


How to lower medical bills (and stress) with a medical billing advocate

CoPatient is a company that takes the burden of medical bills off your shoulders. They’re medical billing advocates who help you make sense of all the billing paperwork, tell you if you’re being overcharged, find billing errors, and negotiate for steep discounts.

CoPatient says they’ve found errors in over 80% of the medical bills they’ve reviewed. On average, they can shave 40% off customers’ bills!


How does CoPatient work and how much does it cost?

The overall process consists of three straightforward steps. You don’t pay anything unless they actually save you money.

1. Send copies of all your senior’s unpaid medical bills and related paperwork to CoPatient
They’ll make sense of it all and create a consolidated, easy-to-understand report of what the healthcare providers think you owe. They’ll also tell you what they think you should pay. Your estimated savings are based on billing errors or unreasonably high charges.

2. Get the report and see how much could be saved
The medical bill review and report are free and there are no strings attached. You can take the report and use it to correct errors and negotiate savings with healthcare providers on your own. Or, you can ask CoPatient to do the negotiation for you.

3. Save money and headaches through CoPatient’s negotiation service
If you choose to use their service, CoPatient will work with your senior’s healthcare providers to correct errors and negotiate discounts. You won’t have to do a thing!

They only get paid if they can reduce the costs. If they can’t save any money, you don’t pay anything. If they do save money, you pay them 35% of the amount they saved.


How long does it take?

It usually takes about 5 days for the bill review and 3 – 6 weeks if you choose to use their appeals and negotiation process. Best of all, there’s no minimum bill size.


A real-life savings scenario

In an example from the CoPatient website, one of their customers was feeling ill and was treated in the ER for just a few hours. He had some tests done and got an IV drip.

A few weeks later, he received a bunch of bills totaling $3,565! He didn’t even remember receiving half the services listed on the bills. After weeks of daily phone calls to his insurance company and the hospital, he still couldn’t get any answers about his billing questions.

In frustration, he turned to CoPatient for help. One of their medical billing experts used their insider knowledge and industry connections to resolve his billing issues in just a few days. CoPatient ended up saving this customer $1605. Best of all, he didn’t have to waste time on hold in an endless phone answering system!


Useful services for seniors and caregivers

In their FAQ section, we found a few more services that are especially useful to older adults and caregivers.

CoPatient can:

  • Work with Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans along with other types of insurance
  • Negotiate bills of any age (even a few years old)
  • Pre-negotiate pricing before a procedure
  • Try to negotiate savings even if you’ve already paid the bill in full
  • Help with medical bills for someone who has passed away


Bottom line

Having a medical billing advocate to fight for you is a much-needed service that provides great value to older adults and caregivers. Even if you decide not to use the CoPatient negotiation service, it’s a big help to get an organized report of what’s owed and where you may be able to reduce costs.


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