Caregiving Tips and Tricks: Dozens of Easy Household DIY Solutions

caregiving tips and tricks

Simple DIY solutions make life easier for seniors and caregivers

Chronic health conditions or the effects of aging can make everyday activities more difficult for older adults. But simple DIY solutions using household objects can help seniors be more independent.

AARP created a fantastic web page with dozens of helpful DIY caregiving tips and tricks. These caregiving hacks make it easier for seniors to accomplish everyday tasks like using the remote control, easily grasping thin objects, avoiding trips and falls, and much more.

There are also DIY tricks that help caregivers accomplish goals like keeping the house at the right temperature, knowing when your older adult gets up or tries to leave the house, keeping cleaning supplies safely locked away, and more.

We explain what types of caregiving hacks you’ll find on AARP’s Caregiver Tips & Hacks page and how to find the tips you’re most interested in.



Get a variety of caregiving tips and tricks at your fingertips

AARP has gathered dozens of simple DIY solutions and created brief illustrated instructions to show you how to solve a problem using only a few basic household items.

To find caregiving hacks that will make your older adult’s life easier, go to the Caregiver Tips & Hacks page and use the “Filter By” box at the top to select a topic like a room in the house or a type of need.

For example, if you check “Dementia Care” and click the “Done” button, you’ll see a variety of tips related to caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These tips cover home safety, engaging activities, keeping in touch with family, managing finances, and more.

If you check “Bedroom” and click the “Done” button, you’ll see a variety of tips related to things someone might do in the bedroom like getting dressed, watching TV, buttoning a shirt, etc.

Or, if you check “Personal Care” and click the “Done” button, you’ll see a variety of tips related to personal hygiene and grooming like bathing, trimming nails, taking medication, etc.

You can also check more than one topic. If you wanted to see tips related to mobility in the bathroom or office, check “Bathroom,” “Office,” and “Mobility” to see the tips that fit those three topics.

AARP’s caregiving tips and tricks topics include:

  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Mobility
  • Personal Care
  • Daily Tasks
  • Meal Time
  • Dementia Care


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