Bathroom Safety for Seniors: 4 Simple Tips

These 4 simple tips improve bathroom safety for elderly and increase independence

Bathroom safety for seniors is a top concern

Did you know that people use the toilet 7 times a day on average? That’s why bathroom safety for seniors is especially important.

Balance issues, muscle weakness, frailty, and cognitive issues like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can make a simple activity like using the toilet difficult or even dangerous. 

As challenging as using the toilet might be, it’s also important to help your older adult preserve as much dignity and independence as possible.

We share 4 simple tips and modifications that make going to the bathroom safer, easier, and less tiring for seniors.


Why bathrooms are dangerous

Bathrooms are dangerous because they’re small spaces with lots of hard surfaces and corners. 

On top of that, sitting down and standing up can cause dizziness or unsteady balance for seniors because of blood pressure changes or muscle weakness.

That could easily lead to a devastating fall.


4 simple tips to improve bathroom safety for seniors

A low-profile, non-slip floor mat keeps seniors from slipping or tripping in the bathroom

1) Keep walkways and floors clear, smooth and well-lit, day and night


Toilet safety frames with supportive arms increase bathroom safety for seniors

2) Consider 3 types of grab bars for extra support when sitting and standing
Toilet safety frames with arms (like these) give seniors a helpful guide and support. They typically install easily with no tools and are easily removed.


Floor to ceiling pole grab bars provide support even in awkward spaces

Floor to ceiling pole grab bars (like these) provide support, even in awkward spaces. They can be placed exactly where they’re most helpful, installed easily with no tools, and removed easily.


Wall-mounted grab bars provide secure support for added bathroom safety

Wall-mounted grab bars (like these) provide secure support, but do require correct positioning and permanent installation to be effective and safe.


Raised toilet seats with arms increase safety by reducing the distance and effort needed to sit and stand

3. Add a raised toilet seat with arms
Raised toilet seats with arms (like these) increase safety by reducing the distance and effort needed to sit and stand. They install easily with no tools and are easily removed.


Improve hygiene with toilet tissue aids that make wiping easier and protect delicate skin

4. Make cleaning up easier for greater independence and dignity
Bending and reaching behind to wipe after going to the bathroom can become difficult.

Toilet tissue aids (like these) make wiping easier for increased independence and dignity as well as improved hygiene. Consider using these with moist wipes to even more cleanliness and comfort.


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