8 Useful Bathroom Aids for Seniors Make Everyday Tasks Easier

bathroom aids for seniors

Make bathroom tasks easier for seniors

As people age, it can become more difficult to perform everyday tasks, like the things we usually do in the bathroom. That includes washing hands, using the toilet, and bathing.

Useful bathroom aids for seniors make it more pleasant to take care of daily tasks, reduce the risk of falls, and help them stay as independent as possible.

We rounded up 8 useful products that make these bathroom tasks easier for older adults and help caregivers keep things clean.


8 useful bathroom aids for seniors

bathroom aids for seniors

1. $10 Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Having the water extend further when it comes out of the faucet means washing hands without needing to bend or reach forward. This simple attachment slips onto most faucets.


bathroom aids for seniors

2. $17 Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor

It can be tough to get some older adults to bathe and wash their hair, especially those with dementia. But making the experience more pleasant often reduces resistance.

This shampoo visor keeps water and soap out of their eyes and ears and can make bathing feel more like a spa-like experience.

Note: It’s not made specifically for adults, but many customer reviews say that it does fit adult heads.


bathroom aids for seniors

3. Toilet target aids

For some older men, especially those with dementia or low vision, it can be tough to keep the toilet area tidy when peeing. And missing the bowl means a lot more clean up for caregivers.

Adding a highly visible target inside the bowl helps them clearly see where they should be aiming.

Some options:


bathroom aids for seniors

4. $29 Secura Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic soap dispensers are great in general, but is especially helpful for people with health conditions like arthritis, limited mobility, Parkinson’s, dementia, etc.

These dispensers also encourage cleanliness by making it easy to get the right amount of soap on the hands.


bathroom aids for seniors

5. $30 ToidyMat – Disposable Contour Mats for Bathrooms (20 pack)

Older adults with health conditions like incontinence, urination issues, dementia, Parkinson’s, etc. are likely to leave a bit of a mess after using the toilet.

These disposable mats keep the floor around the toilet clean and makes it much easier to clean up an accident.


A toilet aid helps seniors in the bathroom

6. $25 Juvo Toilet Aid

Bending to reach behind to wipe after going to the bathroom can become difficult, especially for people who have limited mobility or are recovering from surgery.

Toilet tissue aids make wiping easier, improve hygiene, and protect delicate skin. Consider using with moist wipes to for ease, cleanliness, and comfort.

Find more toilet tissue aids here.


bathroom aids for seniors

7. $28 Luxe Bidet Neo 110 Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

Cleaning up after using the toilet can become challenging for seniors due to health conditions like dementia, arthritis, stroke, etc.

A bidet is a simple product that can help seniors be more independent in the bathroom and improve personal hygiene.

This one has good reviews and easily attaches to a standard toilet, no electricity required.


A non-slip, ultra thin mat keeps seniors safer in the bathroom

8. $40 Shape28 Floor Mat Ultra

Traditional bath mats increase fall risk because they’re bulky and are likely to slide or flip up.

A better solution is to use a low-profile, non-skid mat. Ultra-thin mats with fully rubberized backings will stick securely to the floor.

And because they’re so thin, they’re less likely to flip up at the edges and cause tripping. They’re also easier to glide over with a walker.


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