When Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager Makes Sense

hiring a geriatric care manager

Experts help families care for older adults

Whether you’ve been doing it for years or have just gotten started, you know that caring for an older adult can be overwhelming, confusing, and incredibly stressful.

To get some relief, consider hiring an aging care expert called a geriatric care manager to guide you through tricky situations. Whatever you’re going through, they’ve been through it many more times. Their experience helps them recommend better and more efficient ways to care for your senior.


What is a geriatric care manager?

A geriatric care manager is an experienced professional who helps you navigate the world of aging care, provides expert advice, connects you with helpful resources, and can even help with family issues. Their goal is to improve your older adult’s quality of life and reduce family stress.


5 reasons for hiring a geriatric care manager

1. You need help solving a complex problem
When older adults develop serious behavior issues, like constant verbal abuse or physical combativeness, it can be difficult to pinpoint the true cause of the problem. Unless you have an experienced geriatrics doctor who’s committed to figuring it out, you may need a geriatric care manager to connect you with the right specialists who can solve it.

2. You need an expert to help you with a senior living community
Caring for an older adult almost always involves complicated problems. Sometimes, you run into a brick wall trying to solve them. When that happens, hiring a geriatric care manager is a big help.

For example: your mom lives in an assisted living community and you feel that she needs more care than their regular staff provides. However, they won’t let you hire a private aide for her. You’ve negotiated and argued with the administrator until you’re blue in the face, but aren’t getting anywhere.

A geriatric care manager understands how these communities really work, what the relevant state laws are, and will negotiate on your behalf. Because they’re industry insiders, they’re more likely to reach a solution that’s in your senior’s best interests.

3. Your senior refuses to talk with you about their health
Many older adults don’t want to burden spouses or children with problems or worries. If you suspect that your senior is not telling you about things that affect their health or well-being, you could hire a geriatric care manager to check on them. They’re more likely to share their concerns with an expert outside the family.

4. You live far away
It’s difficult to manage your older adult’s care when you don’t live reasonably near by. There’s no substitute for having someone there in-person to make sure everything is going well.

When it’s impossible for you to visit frequently, a geriatric care manager supervises their care, alerts you to any issues, and works with you when decisions are needed.

5. You’re really not sure what to do
At some point in your older adult’s care, you and your family might feel completely lost and unsure. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, a geriatric care manager can help you understand the available options, tradeoffs, and costs.


Bottom line

Even if you don’t need a full-time geriatric care manager, a few hours of consultation could make a world of difference. Regardless, it’s a relief to know that an expert is available to help you make caregiving decisions, navigate the aging care system, and supervise your senior’s care.


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
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