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Medicare advice

State counseling programs help you navigate Medicare

During Medicare Open Enrollment, figuring out which plans are best for your older adult can seem like navigating an impossible maze.

Fortunately, free state counseling programs are available to help you understand which Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, and Medicaid benefits will work best for their situation.

These government counseling programs are generally called SHIP, which stands for State Health Insurance and Assistance Programs. Their trained counselors give free, unbiased, confidential guidance.

Anyone who would like Medicare advice can call a SHIP counselor for free – even if your older adult isn’t currently enrolled.


Expert Medicare advice saves time and money

Choosing the right Medicare plan is a time-consuming task. Even after studying the available plans, reviewing the latest drug formularies, and estimating next year’s medical needs, it’s still hard to know if you’re choosing the best possible plan for your older adult.

This is where a SHIP counselor can really help. They’re experts in Medicare and Medicaid plans and can guide to you smart options for your senior’s specific situation.

For example, a California HICAP program manager told us that she’s often able to save people hundreds and thousands of dollars just by helping them choose the right prescription drug plan!


Programs can have different names in different states

We refer to these programs as SHIP, but some states use different names. Despite the name differences, the counseling services are the same.

Some of the more common program names across U.S. states are: SHIIP, SHINE, SHIBA, or HICAP.


Get started with a SHIP counselor

To find a SHIP counselor in your area, visit the National SHIP home page to find your state’s SHIP website and phone number.

Then, call them directly or browse the state website to find a program office near you.


Bottom line

To get expert help finding the best Medicare health and drug plans for your older adult, contact your local SHIP office. You could save a lot of money on next year’s healthcare costs by finding plans that cover more and provide better value.


Next Step  Find your local SHIP counseling office via your state’s SHIP website


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