3 Free Alzheimer’s Caregiving Worksheets: Track Behavior and Prevent Wandering

Alzheimer's caregiving

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Keep track of symptoms and wander-proof the house

Alzheimer’s and dementia often cause older adults to behave in strange or challenging ways. Without keeping track of how frequently dementia symptoms happen, it can be difficult to know how significant the problem is.

Another major problem is that older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia are likely to wander out of the house and get lost. It’s frightening to know that this could happen at any time.


3 free Alzheimer’s caregiving worksheets

To help with top Alzheimer’s caregiving challenges, we found helpful worksheets created by Mara Botonis, the author of When Caring Takes Courage.

Here, we’ve provided direct links to the 3 worksheets we thought were most useful along with descriptions of how they would make your life easier.

1. Alzheimer’s and Dementia Person-Centered Symptoms Tracker
When you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the days can pass in a blur. It’s tough to accurately recall when new symptoms start or if existing behaviors are getting better or worse.

This easy-to-use symptom tracker helps you keep a record of a variety of dementia behaviors. Having it all down on paper gives doctors a better view of your older adult’s progress and helps figure out if treatment is needed to manage symptoms.
Print or save the symptoms tracker (PDF)


2. Reduce the Risk of Wandering Home Safety Checklist
This checklist covers 12 practical tips for making your home safer. With these clever strategies, you’ll be able to reduce the risk that your senior will wander.

This worksheet was developed with Project Lifesaver International, an organization dedicated to using tracking technology to rescue people with cognitive disorders.
Print or save the wandering home safety checklist (PDF)


3. Alzheimer’s / Dementia Caregiver Weekly Planner
When caregiving consumes your life, it can be difficult to know exactly how much work you’re doing. This worksheet gives you an overview of how much work you’re actually doing on a daily and weekly basis.

Knowing this helps you figure out which days or times are the best opportunities for taking much-needed breaks. Plus, when you ask someone to help with caregiving, this list makes it easier for them to take over because they’ll know what needs to be done.
Print or save the caregiver weekly planner (PDF)


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      Apologies! We didn’t know that something had happened to that website. We’ve messaged the site to see if they’ve taken it down or if it’s a temporary glitch. So glad our articles are helpful!

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