11 Caregiver Support Groups on Facebook You’ll Want to Join

caregiver support groups

Private Facebook groups put support at your fingertips

Caring for an older adult can be a difficult and isolating experience. A great way to reduce stress and not feel so alone is to join a caregiver support group.

On Facebook, there are many private groups dedicated to families who are caring for older adults. They’re completely free and allow you to get support, vent, or ask questions anytime – day or night. If you use a smartphone, you can participate no matter where you are.

We rounded up 11 top Facebook support groups for caregivers, describe each group’s focus (dementia, general caregiving, parents, etc.), and explain how to join.



How to sign up for a closed (private) Facebook group

These 11 caregiver support groups are “Closed Groups,” which means they’re all private.

You can feel safe posting or commenting because your activity inside the group will only be seen by other group members and won’t show on your personal Facebook page. Your Facebook friends would only see your group activity if they were also a member of that group.

It’s easy to sign up for a private group:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account. If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to set one up. Here are tips on signing up.
  2. Go to the Facebook group you’d like to join (links included below).
  3. Click the “Join Group” button to send a request to the group administrators.
  4. Wait to be admitted into the group – check the page later if you don’t get a message or notification.

Check the Description section of the group page to find out what it’s focused on. Some groups include special instructions to join or community guidelines in this section.

In the below image of a support group’s Facebook group page, you’ll notice: 1) it’s a Closed Group, 2) the green “Join Group” button, and 3) the location of the description, click “See More” to see the whole description.

caregiver support groupsA Facebook Closed Group: 1) Closed Group, 2) Join Group button, 3) Description location


11 great private caregiver support groups on Facebook

Each of these group names is linked to the group page on Facebook. We’ve also included information from the descriptions so you’ll know which topics each group focuses on.

1. Memory People
Memory People was founded by Rick Phelps, who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s in June of 2010 at the age of 57. MP is an Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory impairment support and awareness group.

We are patients, caregivers, advocates, family members and professionals sharing our journeys with each other, seeking comfort and understanding, and receiving support and helpful information. We share about the reality of dementia and memory impairment, and through support and education we find the ability to take another step each day in this journey.

We welcome anyone, even if you’re not directly touched by dementia or a memory impairment. You will find knowledge and awareness here.


2. Dementia Caregivers Support Group
We are here for caregivers taking care of Dementia and Alzheimer’s afflicted loved ones. Designed to stimulate conversation and ensure all members a safe haven in posting personal feelings.


3. Alzheimers and Dementia Caregivers Support
Hello and welcome to Alzheimers and Dementia Caregivers Support. We are all here for the same reason: to support one another through such trying times.


4. Caregivers Connect
Welcome to Caregivers Connect, a community created to bring a voice to family caregivers, and related care-industry professionals, who are caring for a parent, spouse, or loved one. We share personal experiences, advice, and stories with one another in order to provide support along each of our journeys.

Whether you are a caregiver, have been a caregiver, or know a caregiver, we hope that you can find some inspiration, and helpful resources along the way. This group is sponsored by GreatCall.


5. Caring for Elderly Parents
Our turn to parent: helping our elderly loved ones negotiate the world is the hardest job we’ve ever undertaken. As we learn to cope we share info, vent our frustrations, and share support.



6. The Caregiver Space Community
Are you providing care for someone who is elderly, ill, or disabled? Join our supportive community of spousal caregivers. This is a private space for all caregivers to connect. Both family and professional caregivers are welcome.


7. Caregivers Assist Support Group
CaregiversAssist Support Group is an online community of dedicated caregivers. The purpose of this group is to share best caregiving practices and learn how to live the Caregiving Lifestyle.

The Caregiving Lifestyle is the excellent care for our loved ones, help and well-being for the caregiver and an engaging and enriched life for both.


8. Caring For The Caregiver Support Group
This is a support group intended to be a private setting for all of us Caregivers to express our thoughts & feelings.


9. Working Daughter
This is a space for women who are balancing caring for an aging parent with their career and the rest of their life. Join us for community, support, encouragement. Share your questions and your best advice.


10. Sandwich Generation
How To Cope With Elderly Parents…This is a group where we can vent, give ideas on how to handle taking care of our elderly parents!


11. Caregivers of Narcissistic Family Members
This is a safe place to discuss the day to day care of a “narcissistic loved one”. A free place to vent and offer help and support of what we are going through.


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