6 Affordable Products Help Seniors Stay Cool in Hot Weather

stay cool in hot weather

Simple products protect seniors from heat stroke

Seniors are more vulnerable to overheating and heat stroke because older bodies don’t adjust to high temperatures as well as younger bodies.

In addition, chronic medical conditions can change their body’s response to heat.

And, some prescription medications can prevent sweating or reduce the body’s ability to regulate temperature.

To help protect your older adult from the heat, we rounded up 6 inexpensive products that keep seniors cool and comfortable in hot weather.


6 affordable products that help seniors stay cool in hot weather

Help seniors stay cool in hot weather

1. $13 YQXCC 3 Pcs Cooling Towel (47″x12″)
Get instant cooling relief with this simple, lightweight, breathable mesh towel that stays cool for up to 3 hours.

Get it soaking wet, wring out the excess water, and put it around the neck. The moisture from the towel draws the sweat away from the skin and cools the body. It can be reused over and over again.


Gel neck ice packs help seniors stay cool in hot weather

2. $18 Premium Quality Gel Ice Pack for Neck – Adjustable Straps – Reusable – Cooling Wrap
This reusable ice pack neck wrap has an easy-to-adjust velcro closure that puts cooling relief right where you want it.


stay cool in hot weather

3. $15 Cooling Pillow
Fill this durable, reusable pillow with water to activate the ice crystals inside and start the cooling relief.


Keep seniors cool with a necklace fan

4. $12 O2COOL Battery Powered Personal Fan With Lanyard
Wear this battery-powered fan like a necklace and get a strong vertical flow of cool air that keeps you comfortable in the heat. 

It’s lightweight and the 2 AA batteries give 12 hours of runtime.


Oversized ice packs help seniors stay cool in hot weather

5. $23 IceWraps Oversize Ice Pack with Soft Fabric Cover – 12″ x 21”
This versatile, reusable gel mat is 21 by 12 inches and covers large areas including upper/lower back, stomach, legs and knees.


stay cool in hot weather

6. $30 Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest
This reusable vest is filled with a special material that soaks up water and slowly releases it over up to 4 hours to keep the body cool. When it dries, soak it in water again to re-activate the cooling effect.

The vest is made of quilted nylon on the outside and has a water-repellent liner and mesh side panels for breathability. Wear it over a shirt (which will get slightly damp).


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