The 5 Best Gifts for Family Caregivers

gifts for family caregivers

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Nobody deserves a nice gift more than hardworking family caregivers like yourself. Sometimes you need to give people some hints so you can get gifts you’ll really enjoy and appreciate.

Here are the top 5 gifts family caregivers truly want. Don’t be shy! Send this to your family and friends. You can even add a note saying which of these are at the very top of your own wish list.


Caregiver Gift #1 – Time off!

Family caregivers are in desperate need of a break. Family and friends can offer to provide care or supervision for a day, overnight, the weekend, or even a whole week so the caregiver can get away! Even a few hours would be great! Better yet, if multiple people can gift respite hours, the caregiver can get regular breaks over several weeks or months.

Tip: Schedule these “gifts of rest” in advance so everyone can prepare for successful care transitions and the family caregiver gets a nice, worry-free break.


Caregiver Gift #2 – A great massage

Getting a massage is great for reducing stress and easing aches and pains. There are many other great physical benefits too. A massage gift certificate is a great gift for any family caregiver.


Caregiver Gift #3 – Cleaning services

Cleaning the house is a big chore for busy family caregivers. That’s why house cleaning services make a great gift. Whether it’s a one time cleaning session or a generous monthly cleaning subscription, having a clean house makes people happier and crosses a time-consuming chore off the to-do list.

This is a great DIY gift for those with limited budgets. Offer to vacuum, mop floors, clean bathrooms, wash dishes, or organize the garage! You could also organize a family and friends cleaning brigade to regularly help with house cleaning chores.


Caregiver Gift #4 – Delicious meals

After a long day of work or caring for an older adult, the last thing on most family caregivers’ minds is cooking. Why not give the gift of already prepared, healthy meals? Whether you give a meal delivery service subscription or stock their freezer full of home-cooked casseroles, the gift of delicious food will always be appreciated.


Caregiver Gift #5 – Personal care and pampering

Everyone likes to feel pampered and well-groomed. Since caregivers don’t get much time for themselves, they’ll be sure to appreciate gift certificates for haircuts, manicures, or pedicures. You can even add to the gift by offering to care for their older adult while they’re out getting pampered.


By DailyCaring Editorial Staff


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