Caregiver Beginner’s Guide Overview

caregiver beginner’s guide

A roadmap for caregivers

Our Caregiver Beginner’s Guide overview is a helpful starting point for those who are new to caring for an older adult – an aging parent, spouse, relative, or friend. It’s also a useful reference for caregivers with more experience.


Am I a family caregiver?

As you’ve been getting more involved in your older adult’s life, your list of concerns has probably grown by leaps and bounds.

You want to make sure they’re in a safe living situation, their daily lives run smoothly, and they’re as comfortable and happy as possible. Taking on these responsibilities makes you a family caregiver.

Caregivers take care of and help another person, often with activities of daily life. Family caregivers typically provide care without a paycheck; it’s not their paid job or career. But the word ‘family’ doesn’t mean that you have to be related to the person you care for.


How to use our Caregiver Beginner’s Guide

Our Beginner’s Guide is divided into sections. If you’re new to caregiving, you might want to read all the sections to get a picture of your overall situation. More experienced caregivers might want to jump straight into the topics that will help with current challenges.

No matter where you are in your caregiving journey, we think you’ll find these practical tips useful in your daily life.


Caregiver Beginner’s Guide sections


Popular caregiver topics for specific challenges


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Next Step  Find out how taking a step back to understand the overall caregiving situation helps you plan for the future


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