Superwoman at 95 years old

Super Mamika

Super Mamika inspires us all

Many older adults aren’t as independent as they used to be, but Super Mamika isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

95 year old Super Mamika is born

When Sacha Goldberger’s grandmother, Frederika, retired in her 80s, she became bored and unhappy. Sacha, a French photographer, wanted to cheer her up and keep her busy so he began photographing her.

Their photos evolved over time and Frederika became Super Mamika, a costumed 95 year old super hero. Mamika means “my little grandma” in Hungarian. “Before, I’d see pictures of older people and they always looked sad,” Sacha said. “I wanted to show that you can be old and still have a sense of humor and be fun.”

Inspiration to view older adults differently

When we look at Super Mamika photos, it reminds us that aging doesn’t have to be associated with negative emotions. Super Mamika is strong and powerful and her photos are creative and playful. This new perspective inspires us to look at older adults in a different way. In an area that’s usually filled with bad news and hopeless predictions, it’s refreshing to take a positive and uplifting view – even for a moment.

Let Super Mamika put a smile on your face

Super Mamika is such a fun, strong personality. These photos are a fun and enjoyable diversion for you or your older adult. Best of all, they’re free to view online. We bet that looking at her photos will put a smile on your face.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Photo: Sacha Goldberger
Source: People

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