A Shirt That Knows When You’re Stressed


Your T-shirt will give you a time-out

In the near future, smart clothing could alert caregivers to physical signs of stress. Imagine if your T-shirt could tell you that you’re currently stressed out and need to take a few deep breaths to calm down!

A step up from today’s wearable gadgets

“Smart” clothing will be able to read your heart rate, breathing, calories burned, stress levels, and other vital signs. That’s a big step up from the current batch of wearable gadgets like the FitBit or Jawbone Up. Those monitor daily exercise, sleep, and movement.

How do these smart clothes work?

New companies like OMsignal are focusing on this type of wearable technology. Their products are made out of smart textiles, which are fabrics with built in biometric sensors. The sensors woven into the material are tiny and flexible so you won’t even notice them.

Wearable tech could help older adults

What if a company could use this type of smart clothing to detect pain or distress in older adults who aren’t able to communicate verbally? Some universities and research labs have experimented with wearable technology that can help blind people navigate city streets, like gloves that vibrate when the wearer should make a turn. We think the possibilities are endless.

Right now, these clothes are expensive

Of course, there are drawbacks to the current crop of smart clothes. The prices are still high and selection is limited. OMsignal shirts start at $80, but they also need a $120 module to power the shirt and talk to the sensors. But at least they’re machine washable.

Bottom Line

These smart clothes won’t be showing up at your local Target anytime soon. But we think the technology has the potential to truly improve the lives of both caregivers and older adults. For now, smart clothes could be a good investment for caregivers with stress that’s seriously damaging their health.

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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: OMsignal

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